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Задание 24 на интервью и вопросы к нему

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Задание 24 на интервью и вопросы к нему

Вы услышите интервью. В следующих заданиях выберите правильный ответ.

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1. Which of the following is TRUE about the US Institute of International Education?1) Jane Brown is its president.2) It works for the State Department.3) It’s not a commercial organization.

2. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the recent statistics of international education in the USA?1) There were 23% more international students this academic year.2) The 2011-2012 year had the highest amount of international students.3) The number of international students has grown substantially.

3. What does Jane Brown say about Americans who study abroad?1) Only a few of them do so.2) Their percentage went up slightly.3) They prefer to study in China.

4. Why, according to Jane Brown, do young Chinese people go to study abroad?1) They want to travel around the world.2) Chinese education is of low quality.3) Their families can afford it.

5. From which country do most international students come to America?1) China.2) India.3) Korea.

6. Why, according to Jane Brown, do many international students choose to come to America?1) Universities in America are large.2) They have a wide choice of colleges.3) American universities prefer them to American students.

7. How many international students are there in America in comparison with domestic students?1) A small amount.2) A big percentage.3) An equal proportion.

1 – 32 – 13 – 24 – 35 – 16 – 27 – 1

Reporter: Hello, everybody, here we are with our weekly program about education in America. Today we’re looking at international students attending colleges and universities in the USA. Here’s our expert, Jane Brown — an aide to the president of the Institute of International Education.Jane Brown: Good afternoon.Reporter: So, Jane, how many international students are coming to the States to study?Jane Brown: A new report says there are more and more of them. In particular, it notes a large increase in the number of international students from China. These findings are from the latest edition of the Open Doors Report, which is a joint project of the State Department and the Institute of International Education, a non-profit educational and training organization. It documents the record number of international students in the United States during the 2011-2012 school year. It says that more than 750,000 international students were attending American colleges and universities during that period. That represents an increase of almost 6%, compared to one year earlier.Reporter: What about Americans? Are they also studying abroad in bigger numbers?Jane Brown: Well, by comparison, the number of Americans studying overseas increased by just 1%.Reporter: You say many international students in America come from China.Jane Brown: The report says about 200,000 students at American colleges and universities were from China. That is an increase of more than 23% over the year before. That was the highest level ever, and it really showed in the figures. It also means that international undergraduate enrollment was higher than graduate enrollment.Reporter: Do you have any explanation for this trend?Jane Brown: Many Chinese families can pay for the highest quality education for their children. We know many of them have enough income to afford to send their children anywhere in the world. And, for the most part, with all the options they have, Chinese students still choose the United States as their destination of choice.Reporter: Good for us! Any other interesting facts about the statistics of international education in America?Jane Brown: Chinese students are not the only ones attending American colleges and universities in large numbers. After China, India sends the second largest number of students to the United States for higher education, and South Korea is the third with about 80,000 students.Reporter: So why do so many foreign students want to study in the United States?Jane Brown: I believe the advantage America has is that we have a very diverse system. At the same time, there are over 4,000 universities and colleges in the United States, and what that tells us is that there is a lot of room to host international students. The numbers I’ve just provided you with may seem huge, but actually foreign students represent less than 4% of the total student population in American higher education.Reporter: Does this mean there is still a lot of room for international students to come to us?Jane Brown: Exactly.Reporter: Thank you, Jane.

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