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2=2x2-2 What is the answer?

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2=2×2-2 What is the answer?

IF ‘x’ is times:

2 = 4-2

TRUE (or 1 in computer lingo)


IF ‘x’ is variable x, then you have the formula:

2=2x² -2

add 2 to both sides:

4 = 2x²

divide by 2:

2 = x²

take root of both sides:

x = ±√2


There is a possible 3 equation here:


2 = 2 x⁰

so 2=2




The use of exponents, variables, and symbols in Math is very well defined.

Varying from the norm allows for multiple answers.

If you had written

2 = 2x^2 -2

we would have known exactly the issue.

We ALWAYS evaluate using PEMDAS (BOMDAS)

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x^2 - Wolfram|Alpha

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