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Cambridge English Dictionary: Meanings & Definitions

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Cambridge English Dictionary: Meanings & Definitions

Get clear definitions and audio pronunciations of words, phrases, and idioms in British and American English from the three most popular Cambridge dictionaries of English with just one search: the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary, and the Cambridge Business English Dictionary.

use surreptitious in a sentence, surreptitious example sentences...

use surreptitious in a sentence, surreptitious example sentences… – use "surreptitious" in a sentence. Since Surreptitious Machinations, he has been separated from the time stream, and works for The Gamester. After her Surreptitious Machinations were foiled and Nick renounced her, Trudy went into hiding. Anxiety in advertisements is often developed in the consumer…surreptitious in a sentence – learn in a sentence – free simple sentences and use 10 examples. 21- In August 2004, Trembovler and Amir were wed in a surreptitious proxy marriage. 22- Then a little light came through the uncovered spyhole, a flickering, surreptitious light.'It is also surreptitious and insidious discrimination.' 'They're all meeting in the cafeteria to plot against Veronica, and the way you shot it, you get right away 'The 15 youngsters all pledged not to indulge in a surreptitious snack when they went home to bed after a video evening at the church, without the…

surreptitious in a sentence – – How to use the word 'Surreptitious' in sentences? Here you can find Surreptitious example sentences. I'm thinking that if we take that shelf out and squeeze ourselves in, we can make a surreptitious exit via the dining room!See words in the context of real sentences. Learn by association and by definition. Master a new lexicon! Sentences Containing 'surreptitious'. Surreptitious smiles, at this, passed from one rascal to another, and they filled all the glasses, and whilst Backus honestly drained his to the bottom they…Surreptitious in a sentence | surreptitious example sentences. The surreptitious idling around the Chester railway station or. He could get a surreptitious mind reading out of him if he needed to. I learned about it from my surreptitious ventures into his personal study.

surreptitious in a sentence -

Surreptitious | Definition of Surreptitious by Oxford Dictionary on… – Examples of surreptitious in a sentence: 1. What did that surreptitious excursion portend? 2. The other shot a swift and surreptitious glance at him. The mere thought of surreptitious listening in, of eavesdropping, of informing, reddened her face. It was his first surreptitious taste of fame on the…The surreptitious nature of scientific discovery will be described, as this work may eventually result in a therapy for smallpox. A fourth principle is that early adverse events may affect neurodevelopment in obvious or surreptitious ways, the latter making it more difficult to prove cause and effect.Example Sentences. Surreptitious in a sentence? Asked by Wiki User. Use surreptitious in a sentence? When the media reported the surreptitious business deals with the legislator's brother, the public demanded a thorough investigation.

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