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Emanate in a sentence | Example sentences

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Emanate in a sentence | Example sentences

Use “emanate” in a sentence

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How to use "emanate" in a sentence - WordHippo

How to use "emanate" in a sentence – WordHippo – Sentence Examples. You use very distinct and textured musical scores that seem to emanate from the actual source. Her alien croaks and gurgles emanate from deep within her barely moving throat. She gently intonates the high notes in order to allow the full bass to emanate crisply and without effort.emanate: 1 v give out (breath or an odor) Synonyms: exhale , give forth Type of: breathe , emit , pass off expel (gases or odors) v proceed or issue forth, as from a source "Water emanates from this hole in the ground" Types: effuse , flow out flow or spill forth Type of: come , come up move toward, travel toward something or somebody orExamples of Emanate in a sentence. Hopefully, the fun memories of the weekend will emanate throughout the office and give all the employees a positive outlook this week. 🔊. The bright light on the porch seems to emanate throughout the front yard. 🔊. After the hurricane, the east coast insurance office will process any claims that emanate from

emanate – Dictionary Definition : – How To Use Emanate In A Sentence? But so does all science emanate from the demand of our reason for systematization. Those which emanate from the rider, and are immediately appreciated by the horse. Some of that power ought to emanate from him with every pill and drug which he prescribes. Just thenSentences Containing 'emanate' This promise of an impotent old man was so strange that, instead of being the result of the power of his will, it might emanate from enfeebled organs. What appears to you to emanate from a celestial source, seems to me to proceed from one far less pure.The verb emerge is used of coming forth from a place shut off from view, or from concealment, or the like, into sight and notice: The sun emerges from behind the clouds.

emanate - Dictionary Definition :

Emanate: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE – It's difficult to see emanated in a sentence. I think all wisdom and all knowledge emanates from the people. Frivolity and faith emanate from every corner of this sprawling campus. A spider web of golden threads emanates from her bridal mantilla.Emanate In A Sentence. Source(s): 0 0. Anonymous. 1 decade ago – I want my perfume to emanate outside of my cubicle so the UPS delivery guy will take a second look. – My cooking is so bad that I usually wait until my neighbor cooks dinner so the smell of her food can emanate into my kitchen.emanate meaning: 1. to express a quality or feeling through the way that you look and behave: 2. to express a…. Learn more.

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