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How are newtons per coulomb (N C−1) or, equivalently, volts per meter (V m−1) equivalent?

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How are newtons per coulomb (N C−1) or, equivalently, volts per meter (V m−1) equivalent?

♠ the matter is that science of electricity and electrical engineering started independent development from different points;

♣ work done by electric current w=I*U*t N·m;

according to science of electricity current is

rate of charge transfer I=Q/t, hence w=Q*U;

without giving up traditional unit Volt for measuring electric potentials we had to introduce a charge unit

Coulomb = N·m/V;

♦ now Coulomb’s law should look: F=k*q*Q/r^2;

on LHS we have Newtons,

on RHS we have (C/m)^2 =(N/V)^2;

to reconcile this contradiction a constant

ε=8.854·10^(-12) N/V^2 was introduced,

ε was named as dielectric constant for void;

so that Coulomb’s law now looks:

F= q*Q/(4π·ε·r^2), giving Newtons on both sides;

♥ E= F/q = Q/(4π·ε·r^2) has units N/C;

N/C = N/(N·m/V) =V/m;

Thus if you say E = 10 N/C

and I say E=10 V/m we are both right;

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