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How to Write the Name for Na3N

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How to Write the Name for Na3N

How to Write the Name for Na3N

For Na3N use the hints and resources below to help write the name.

Hint for Naming Na3N

Sodium (Na) is a metal. Nitrogen (N) is a non-metal. This is a binary ionic compound.

First write the name for Na as it is written on the Periodic Table.

Next for the non-metal (N) use the name on the Periodic Table (Nitrogen)but replace the ending ogen with ide.

Na3N Resources

chapter 5 Flashcards | Quizlet

chapter 5 Flashcards | Quizlet – The correct name of the compound Na3N is _____ sodium nitride. The charge on the silver ion in the salt AgCl is _____. +1. The formula for the compound formed between aluminum ions and phosphate ions is _____. AlPO4. The correct name for HBrO is _____. hypobromous acid.Start studying Chemistry. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.Naming Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals. Write the name of transition metal as shown on the Periodic Table. Write the name and charge for the non-metal. If you have a polyatomic ion, use the Common Ion Table to find and write the formula and charge. Use the total charge on the non-metal (or polyatomic ion) find the charge on the

Chemistry Flashcards | Quizlet – 2.6. Which compound in the list is NOT ionic? That is, which one in the list is a molecular compound? 1. LiCl, lithium chloride 2. SO2, sulfur dioxide 3. AlF3, aluminum fluoride 4. Ba(NO3)2, barium nitrate 5. NaHCO3, sodium hydrogen carbonate. 2.7. All of the formulas below are correct EXCEPT 1. Ba(NO3)2 4. Al2(SO4)3 2. KClO4 5. Ca2HPO4 3. Na3NThe correct name for the N3 ion is azide. Azide is a polyatomic anion with a -1 charge and is written as N3 -1. It consists of three nitrogen atoms Is fe2+ a cation?Na3N. Molar Mass: 82.976. Example Reactions: • 3 NaN3 = Na3N + 4 N2 • Li3N + 3 NaOH = 3 LiOH + Na3N • Na3N + 3 AgNO3 = 3 NaNO3 + Ag3N • H3N + 3 NaOH = 3 H2O + Na3N • Na3N + 3 NH4NO3 = 3 NaNO3 + (NH4)3N • NaN3 + 2 Na = Na3N + N2 Compound Name Formula Search

Chemistry Flashcards | Quizlet

How to Name Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals – When you name ionic compounds, you write the name of the metal first and then the nonmetal. Suppose that you want to name the compound that results from the reaction of lithium and sulfur. You first write the name of the metal, lithium, and then write the name of the nonmetal, adding an -ide ending […]The common names and formulas of chemical compounds is a very relevant area of study for every competitive exam including SSC and it is important for the aspirants to develop a fair idea on this subject. In this article, we are discussing the following topics.Place the ions in their proper order: cation and then anion. Name the cation. Metals that form only one cation. As noted in Section 2.1 "Chemical Compounds", these metals are usually in groups 1-3, 12, and 13.The name of the cation of a metal that forms only one cation is the same as the name of the metal (with the word ion added if the cation is by itself).

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