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If 3t − 7 = 5t , then 6t =?

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If 3t − 7 = 5t , then 6t =?

“t” is a value that you do not yet know. However, it will keep this same value throughout the problem.

It is called an “unknown”

The actual equation is not “three minus four”

It is really

3 times the value called “t”, minus 7, is equal to 5 times the same value “t”

The trick is to manipulate the equation until you discover the value of “t”

There are four basic operations you can do that keeps the equation true AND protects the value of “t”:

1) You can add the same value to BOTH sides of the equation

Here, for example, we could add 7 to both sides

3t – 7 + 7 = 5t + 7

the -7 + 7 cancel out, leaving us with

3t = 5t + 7

2) You can subtract the same value from BOTH sides

Here, for example, we could subtract the value “3t” from both sides

The value of t may be unknown, but it is still a value and we can still do these operations with it

3t – 3t – 7 = 5t – 3t

The 3t – 3t disappears (because 3t – 3t = 0 regardless of the value of t)

leaving us with

-7 = 2t

3) You can divide both sides by the same amount (but never by zero)

Here, we can divide this new equation by 2

(-7)/2 = (2t)/2

on the right, the “2” cancel out, leaving

-7/2 = t

This is our value for “t”

it is no longer an unknown!

Now that we have the value of t, we can use it to answer the question:

What is the value of six times t

6t = 6 * (-7/2) = -42/2 = -21

The fourth basic operation is to multiply both sides by the same number (but not zero)

But we do not get to use it on this problem.

Калькулятор онлайн со скобками

Калькулятор онлайн со скобками – Решение (2.5t+4)⋅(7t+9)=17.5t^2* Выполнен: 2021-04-11 09:04 МСК.Algebra -> Equations -> SOLUTION: 3t-7=5t then, 6t=. Log On.Schreibe die Gleichung als (t+7)⋅−5=3⋅8.

SOLUTION: 3t-7=5t then, 6t – v(t) = x'(t); v(t) = (1/3 * t^3 – 3t^2 – 5t + 3)'; v(t) = 1/3 * 3t^2 – 3 * 2t – 5; v(t) = t^2 – 6t – 5. t = 3 ± √16 = 3 ± 4; t1 = 3 – 4 = -1 (с); t2 = 3 + 4 = 7 (с). Ответ.public class Tuple<T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6,T7,TRest> : IComparable, System.Collections.IStructuralComparable, System.Collections.IStructuralEquatable, System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ITuple.2t+5t+3,18=25,3.

SOLUTION: 3t-7=5t then, 6t

Löse durch Faktorisieren 3/(t+7)=5/-8 | Mathway – S′(t) = (5t2 – t3 + 9t)′ = 10t – 3t2 + 9 = v(t) v′(t) = (10t – 3t2 + 9)′ = 10 – 6t = a(t).Arctic White/Gray White. T7. Grauweiss. LZ3T.Решите уравнение: а) 15x = 0,15; б) 3,08 : у = 4; в) 3a + 8a = 1,87; г) 72 − 3z = 5,12; д) 2t + 5t + 3,18 = 25,3; е) 8p − 2p − 14,21 = 75,19; ж) 295,1 : (n − 3) = 13; з) 34 * (m + 1,2) = 61,2; и) 15 * (k − 0,2) = 21.

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Baumfällung mit 25 PS Traktor und 3,5 t TAJFUN Winde EGV 35 A – .

Distance between a point and a line (vectors) (KristaKingMath) – .