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Individuals with special needs can play sports with adapted rules, equipment, and the environment. Is this true or false?

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Individuals with special needs can play sports with adapted rules, equipment, and the environment. Is this true or false?

Find an answer to your question ✅ “Individuals with special needs can play sports with adapted rules, equipment, and the environment. Is this true or false? …” in 📘 Social Studies if you’re in doubt about the correctness of the answers or there’s no answer, then try to use the smart search and find answers to the similar questions.

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Adaptive Sports: Staying Active While Living With… – – Because adaptive swimming does not require special equipment, an individual with a disability can participate in a program in their area, with very little Rule modifications are made and based on types of disabilities, and a stand-up player can play against or on the same team as a wheelchair player.Learners with special educational needs experience difficulties because of any one of the following, or some combination of Paying attention to the environment means ensuring learners feel safe, supported, stimulated and that the classroom environment is attuned to the individual learning…Instruction, equipment, activity rules, and the environmental set-up should The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA 2008) continues to include the curriculum The student is not required to adapt to the conditions of the program as would be implied with adaptive physical…

PDF Special educational needs – Become informed about all the adaptive sports and adaptive physical activities for children with special needs. This is still true in many areas especially with sport teams because the special needs community and the support and funding are not there in numbers great enough to make it work….sports with adapted rules, equipment, and the environment. participate in high-profile games and competitions, especially the Paralympics – Olympic games for people with special needs. Not Sure About the Answer? Find an answer to your question ✅ "Individuals with special needs can…Original Editor – Naomi O'Reilly. Top Contributors – Naomi O'Reilly , Kim Jackson and Tarina van der Stockt. Related online courses on Physioplus. Online Course: The Impact of Trauma on Mental and Physical Health Online Course: The Impact of Trauma on Mental and Physical Health The potential…

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PDF Adapted Physical Education A Guide For Serving Students With… – Individuals With Special Needs Can Play Sports With Adapted Rules, Equipment, And The Environment.Consulting a doctor, choosing the correct clothes, and using appropriate protective equipment are all important steps in beginning an exercise program. Individuals with special needs can play sports with adapted rules, equipment, and the environment.The 1993 United Nations' Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with The Irish National Children's Strategy (2001) states that children will have access to play, sport The report highlights the need for all stakeholders to work across structures and organisations in order to…

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Chapter 12 Severe Multiple Disabilities Deaf blindness And Tbi – or Multiple Disabilities, Deaf-Blindness and
traumatic brain injury there’s no single widely accepted definition
of sevee and multiple disabilities this is the most widely variety group or wide variety of group of people that
we are studying thus far it can mean that you have any combination
of various disabilities that we’ve talked about thus far when you have a multiple disability it means
that they are concomitant or coming together so a person could perhaps have autism along with an intellectual disability along with blindness I mean it could be any
combination or maybe you have obsessive compulsive disorder CP and intellectual disability.
the problems are so, you know so severe that that person cannot be accommodated in a special
education program solely for one impairment. and so they’re put in this category of Multiple
disabilities. remember the information that we covered in
chapter one under the IDEA law zero reject and free appropriate public education in this regard students cannot be turned away based on the
severity or the combination of disabilities that they
have I want you to know that people with significant disabilities are the most at risk for being excluded from
society these individuals you know are most likely to have their rights
crossed and are most likely to be at risk for living
and playing and being in a segregated enviroment so we really need to make a clear movement toward full inclusion in society what are the characteristics of someone with
a multiple disability? now again these are general Characteristics
that a person may have they may not have you know any combination of these in general they might have a slower rate of
learning new skills. compared to other students their age they might need more chances to learn. they may have trouble understanding skills
in different conditions from which they learned in other words they have poor generalization and they have trouble remembering new skills
perhaps they may also have difficulties with communication. in expressing themselves or understanding
others one characteristic that they might show is
a physical or motor development delay many times the individual may not be able to walk or maybe you know feed themselves hold up their hands or support themselves perhaps they may have deficits in helping themselves basic cares such as feeding and dressing and
eating and exercise they may have trouble interacting with other
people they might have social deficits some may not be in touch with reality and
some may not show human emotions the way we would you know normally do they might even have challenging behaviors such as rocking or maybe even hitting themselves or grinding their teeth or banging their head, maybe hitting or biting
other people so there might be some safety issues here with these challenging behaviors now I have to say it’s very easy to not look at all the wonderful things that
a person may have person may have remember we’re a combination
of many different traits so it’s very important to know that this
is a person who may have warmth who may have a tremendous sense of humor shows persistance and determination to continue
to try hard maybe sociable in their way and the most important thing I want you to
remember is that these are people that can and do learn remember we all have our own combinations
of physical, intellectual, and social characteristics and its very important for you to the through
the disability to the person well what causes a Severe Disability where
multiple things are going on in most cases there is a brain disorder involved maybe the brain did not develop normally in
utero or perhaps the brain was damaged in some way. maybe in utero or perhaps after maybe this is a chromosomal disorder you know a significant number of children
with severe disabilities have different kinds of chromosomal abnormalities maybe it was a Complication during Pregnancy perhaps Prematurity or some kind of infectious
disease that the mother got while pregnant maybe it was an environmental risk the mother used drugs while pregnant or drank escessively was poorly nourished I mean
she’s at greater risk of having a child with severe disabilities and also a disability may develop later in
life from a head trauma caused by perhaps a fall or abuse assault or maybe a bike accident or a car
crash despite the fact that there are hundred of
possible causes many times we simply do not know what caused these different disabilities to
evolve I’m going to shift our focus a little bit
here to a very important topic of traumatic brain
injury or TBI when IDEA was originally passed the idea of head trauma you know wasn’t really considered as a disability
area. but when Congress amended the law in nineteen
ninety traumatic brain injury was added to the list
of disability categories where children could then recieve special
education services so IDEA defines traumatic brain injury is injury to the brain that causes some kind
of functional disability or psychosocial disability that really effects educational performance TBI is the most common acquired disability
in childhood and notice I underlined that that’s something
that happens after birth I’d like you to look at that definition
then of open head injury and open head injury is a penetration of the
skull perhaps from a forceful blow or you know maybe a bullet or something like
that the most common kind of head injury however
doesn’t involve a penetration of the skull it’s what we call a closed head injury when your head hits something with such force
that the brain moves against the inside of the cranium there and
the impact there damages the nerves and axons and the fibers and the connections
between different parts of the brain I mean you might think about a concussion or shaken baby syndrom maybe from you know the blast I know many of our service members are coming
back with TBI because of explosive devices and soundwaves and shockwaves hitting the brain now I do want to say that we’re paying more
attention to concussions repeated concussions over time can result
in accumulative cognitive deficits and you’re seeing that with players right
now with sports injuries they’re saying hey you know I’ve had multiple hits to the head and they’re looking as if they have you know dimensia so another one could be a conctusion or a
spilling in the brain a hematoma of the brain and so forth TBI is a very complex Medical state and recovery is long and unpredictable we need to look at where the injury occurred What cite was it what part of the brain was
injured when, how old was the person when the time
of the injury occured you know and then how long has it been since the injury occured and I do want you to look at a very important chart in your book on four
twenty eight to look at what areas are impacted with a
traumatic brain injury because we will see physical and sensory changes
such as you know difficulty with muscle control you’re going to see perhaps maybe headaches and sleep related problems maybe seizure activity, poor balance you’re also going to see cognitive difficulties
maybe here’s a person who can’t concentrate maybe they cannot organize their work they
have problems planning ahead maybe very sensitive to distraction difficulty concentrating. and perhaps you will see social or behavioral
changes such as agitation, aggressiveness maybe you know lacking insight into what’s going on. they have trouple taking cues from the enviroment now what should we teach when we work with someone that has had you know a severe disability and so we want to take a look at fostering independence so if you have your
slides you’d want to definitely underline that we want to say let’s help this person be as independent as possible in all areas let’s get funtional daily living skills
you know dressing yourself, riding the buss purchasing something from a vending machine,
using your IPad you know meaningful activities that will enrich
your life I would like you to read the article on figure
12.4 my brother Darell as a case for teaching functional skills we might use communication excuse me let’s go to age-appropriateness
let’s give information and activities that are age appropriate let’s not give a coloring book to someone
who’s forty two let’s teach her how to crochet or let’s teach her how to do you know word puzzles or something like that we want to give the person activities that
are valued by peers without disabilities and so we can practice and reinforce these
in the community. let’s give them communication. so important sometimes it doesn’t develop naturally or
easily and we need to help with specific communication tools so that they can participate fully. maybe we need to give an alternative communication
device, maybe gestures or sign language programs, communication
boards so forth literacy is also important as much reading
as possible math skills leisure and activities are very
important let’s give the opprotunity to make choice to particiapate in our own decision making to you know decide what we wanna wear, where
we’re going to go how we’re going to structure our day access to the general education curriculum
as well as much as possible and prioritizing IEP goals to to really function upon independence and self
determination how do we teach students with multiple disabilities again these are the keys to learning what
we’ve been talking about all semester long Defining where we’re at today defining what
we’re going to learn breaking things down into little steps and they’ll practice active engagement reinforcement generalizing your skill to a variety of places and assessing your progress to see how you’re
doing. different kinds of learning strategies I would
like you to look at maybe I can’t do everything that you’re
asking me to do but I can do part of a task or I can have
something adapted if I can’t make a salad for the dinner while
we’re all making dinner well maybe I could set the table or maybe I could fold the napkins or
maybe I can toss the salad so what can I participate when we make dinner
as a family look at alternative behaviors so let’s be positive and proactive if we
have a problem behavioral like what is causing that behavior what’s the meaning of it and
then what’s something else we can do differently also working in groups because we can learn from our peers and we can get opprotunities then for socialization
and and it’s such a positive thing to have friends where should students be taught, well of course
we have a continuum range of of environments but you know what there’s
a lot of benefit to the neighborhood school because we can have greater access to activities and
events we can develop relationships with other people have buddies, traveling companions, friends
and neighbors so again it really promotes inclusion and friendship .

2016 Nissan Maxima review – striking looks, quick & likeable – So we're in the 2016 Nissan Maxima, I've been looking forward to trying this one actually because I wasn't of senior the shows
pictures and on the road it's a really striking looking car really like the
look at this car thing it's really something quite spectacular come
something quite different from themselves caught it before dole sports
car and what america at maximum the nineties
that was referred to as a four-door coupe a I think this is the best looking
maximo the entire range I mean just look at the difference between the previous
gen very block front end to this one with
its Scooby Scooby lines talking of which check out the front vMotion front back that that's all the
way the grill to come down at the front there and the boomerang headlights are
rounded to the side of the car you have these the pickup at the c-pillar the
swoopy line that give every musculus Tan Sri muscular look about the car and the
floating roof of parents now there's a bit of a trick because I see pillars are
completely sold it but they have the strip then suggest that the roof of
disconnect it slightly with the rest of the car but the back you have the dual
exhaust chrome tip to tail pipes which make it look again and meaty and sporty
and you get the diamond cutting machine finished wheels 18 until nineteen inch
on this top of the range model of course the press conference at the top of range
car in this is the S model I'll come to the prices of stuff in the minute the
boots pretty generous you can always what pretty wide opening a very very
deep split folding rear seats as a couple of little Hawks there that you
can pull a little loop seeking policy to help to
put the seats down but and and some under floor space but not not a huge
amount but generally quite useful rear luggage space to house the rear
compartment could I sit in there I'm a little on the cold side and I'm sitting
up in the front I tell you what let's use the magic of reduced to go back
there and find out how that works too bad at all I mean I am six foot two and
this seat is set for me so I'm sitting behind myself and no real issue at all room is no issue whatsoever leg room
isn't too bad feat just about enough room to get their feet under the seat
that the flap hear that kind of disguises the actual amount to room
that's available focuses you expect to AC vents here
which is quite nice and an ashtray arrangement with don't smoke smoking is
bad for you in the middle here we have enough with 2 cupholders and it looks
like they're exposed to pendant thing or something if you like too much else back
here no USB or anything like that Nystrom very comfortable could probably
do with a little bit more but that's what you would expect considering the
cars coupé a like profile and its sloping roof so that kinda makes sense
but having said that it's not intolerable we do get a senator Specter
as well as sunshade the root out in the open but the Sun Sun Sun Sun the Sun
Shade open so that's quite nice but all in all not a bad place at all to spend a
few hours I wouldn't mind traveling in the record I think time to get back into
the front bow Wow suddenly I'm back in the front as well so we have in the front I want to talk about
questions things the interesting thing is that in the press release it says
that the inspiration for the cabin air for the cockpit if you like and you see
while you are used that term in a minute came from the Blue Angels at the Naval
Air Station Pensacola in Florida in America so this is apparently it's
styled according to jet fighter that's the idea so it's a very driver focused
environment down to this controller down here which they actually call it the
display command display come under control display come under control always it's virtually no playing which
you can see this massive screen here that they've got and it affects the
mission control it from there so you just turn it in you can scroll through
all the great things I like this is a very different very unique way of doing
it is different from other manufacturers hoping to see that but knowing you can
use the no but you can actually touch screen and you can actually that's why
packwood newsprint about this and it took a swipe at Dexia capacitive screen
as well as actually you can just swipe and pinch and all that stuff is well distinctly know a Kinect yet on this car
I think that probably geared up to accept it some point in the future but
you know it's very well thought out good lots of features the user Sat Nav as
well work very very well very easy to use my bluetooth connected up to that
good sound system no issues whatsoever and in addition to the touch and the
norm and the buttons that you down hair back menu map voice control you have
them up here is well and you have them appear on the site to a good thing this
is got a 360 surround camera view thing which is in the mass market production
segment so long to pioneers of this stuff and I like what they've done here
as well not the fact that you can spot that caused a lot of cars have that but
normally the only way to get into the system go into reverse gear or go through the
menu to get these cameras sometime in the room in their car park will try and
negotiate rampant you quickly when a judge distances and I like the fact that
there's a cover but there's a button that she just goes it goes straight to
camera and and and and and that's good that's a really handy feature I like
that you're looking at a car pricing is not good so they go climate control very
good and no issues dead as starter button transmission which I come to in a
minute there's two buttons here for normal and sport I really I think they
just affect the power delivery and the characteristics of the transmission he
did cool see two cups and holders a small olajuwon this is just a
compartment not really nice to reduce compartment with a power supply in deep
cover hope you can see and this to use be down there in the next which is very
handy nice quilted leather seats very nice dream but then this is a top of the
range car to action button down there and my stream on the door expect quite like I mean to regulate
doyle's on each side and a center screen is that digital this arrangement very handy over here on
the right side of the steering and a flat-bottom steering its forest doing
well as you'd imagine you have controls for the cruise and is adaptive cruise
control or dynamic with controls you can set the distance on this site you got
the button so if I press one of these buttons you'll see that I can then
adjust the sitting there to go through you know navigation Ian try a trip computer driving its goal
the usual so still kind of pressure since and I quite like that is a little
power bar as well which are quite like so that's quite handy the sting of the
iPhone six-plus ascribing to be a little bit too big for this cup holder here so
there isn't really anywhere else here to put it but so when I put when I
connected to the USB cable I can just sort of sit up there is no bottle in
this generally fine gonna tell you it's got zero gravity seats with the
added foam on top for initial softness in long-term comfort well I don't know
about that but they are very very comfortable it's going to stick
laminated glass and active noise cancellation to keep things very smooth
and very quiet so let's just take it for a quick drive now now going to the
prices will do that first before we sell the car even when I'm driving 3.5 liter
engine these six sixty percent new parent part in this week 6 300
horsepower at 6,400 rpm 261 pounds for the torque at 4,400 rpm 0 200 and 5.8
seconds 217 km/h top speed 9.4 leaders 400 fuel economy and it has a revised
and updated CVT transmission will come to in a minute the S model is a hundred and twelve
thousand dirhams over ,500 the ESPYs a hundred and twenty-six thousand
dirhams all 34 0 and the Assad this car is a hundred and fifty one thousand
dirhams 40 2,150 right now one thing that there's no doubt about
this car is the performance meant this is like this is old school they have
endowed it with tons of performance to demonstrate here because the road is
quite only pursued a spring sport but I don't need you don't need to just throw
the baby i mean is 800 in less than 60 seconds you see the CVT you see these things to
see TV series I personally I really struggle with having said that aside
from that acceleration thing and where the CBT just kind of Drew's little bit
the top and hospitals but it's actually very well so it is a bit is one of the
two regions of CBT products so it's less obtrusive annoying
than other ones would you do that then remember that yes this is a CVT
transmission but it's definitely a big improvement this one is okay it's a
little bit jittery little bit on the firm side I think again because this is
they've set it up quite solid to give it to us [scrape_yt:2]

{title} – {content}

[/scrape_yt].40 very refined very quiet very
smooth no real issues whatsoever very easy to maintain speed in this car
this is what this car likes to do best of all that likes to
accelerate quickly get up to speed and then cruised conclude this is Megan you
can go across saudi and across the body in this car long distances know she
whatsoever very very comfortable cruising and even that they still speeding and we
went down in their egos through the yeltsin the CVT kind of
being in traffic at the top across but it's not too bad I mean unlike some of
the seventies this one doesn't feel like it's something the power so much you
need to get a sense of that some of the other CDs but none that's what I just
feel like it's giving the engine its head and letting it to do what it does
you know which in this case is deliver in a fairly solid get-go took one thing
that maybe I struggle with perhaps it is the steering wheel leather steering
wheel is doing well as nice no issues that the steering because the field is
it really that you know I think it's think it's electric steering in this car
and it has a kind of variable ratio thing I think so sometimes it kind of
you know you can't quite sure how much turned on how much you need when some of
accelerating out the corner and it can simply catch you out but that's like
let's like full acceleration now through this corner in the back of a
very very good but you do have some understanding as you would expect from a
silly so it's not quite as sharp as a sports car would be but on the other
hand what it does remind feels so large issue it's gone they don't talk Stefan
this thing we call it does get a big kick back and I said they wasn't feel
but you do get the talks they're coming through this doing well and you get that
little bit over but that's also fun aspect though slightly an aspect of the
talk being put down through corner in the heights this is what this kind of
feels like a little bit because you get a sense of it being a chichi cruiser
ittt sports sports saloon and at the same time it does this thing which kind
of reminds me a little bit of whole hatch's so multiple characters involved
in this car but overall though what do I think the car didn't mean my
expectations well I have to say yeah kind of date
soon but I'm gonna say it's a very nice place to be it's a very nice car to look at two
still think it's a very handsome position and a standout so a car I can
just about live with the CVT you just heard this step changes that so it does
a good job repented mimicking an actual gave Oaks I want
ordinary torque converter cable so sexy and you know all the right moves I think
it's a big city actually to our environment to this region to do best
ways to promote these laws saloons you know where kids could take out their
friends you know there's still a room in the back its comfrey they go for a run
and they would never going to be sure performance living abroad in the
industry negotiate this largest roundabout too much we'd actually and I
think it's very suited I think it'll be a very good my lunch i think is very
adept at providing comfortable easy ride to everyone to get to and I think the
biggest plus of this car is that it's cool style I just got likability and I do actually
quite like this I'm not sure that it's a jet engine interior but I do quite like
the way they've done this at terrace rule so nice very appealing car I like
it to check out more go home to go and look for us on social media country on
Instagram and Facebook where we put up a lot of stuff also the cross on YouTube
and if you're watching this video on YouTube and tell your friends thanks so much for watching this is a sound check Mic Check see if
this is working normally to align it could be from a film or TV or something
see if you know what this one is from we all want to help one another human
beings I like that we want to live by each other's happiness not quite others
misery .

A great new IWB concealment holster from Harry's Holsters! – Hi.
I'm Joel Persinger. I'm the Gun Guy. Thank you very much for watching my channel. I really, deeply appreciate it. I've got a really cool holster for you. But, before I show it to you I just want to remind you… please subscribe. If you haven't already done so, subscribe to the channel and that way we can let you know when new videos come out and it helps us grow the channel as well. That way we can produce more and better videos for you. All right. Now with that little plug, here comes the holster. Harry's Holsters sent me this inside the waistband holster right here and I've been wearing it the last several days and trying it out. Now I gotta tell you, I've never been a big fan of inside the waistband holsters. I probably should start off by telling you that now… primarily because they tend to be uncomfortable for me. But, this particular one has worked out really, really well and I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Not only do I not typically like inside the waistband holsters, I typically don't like kydex ones because they're so unforgiving. Where leather will will bend a little bit the Kydex makes me bend around it. But, having worn it a lot and carried it quite a bit even with a full-size Glock, I found it to be very comfortable. But let me give you… before i go any further… my criteria for holsters. The first one I already mentioned. If I'm going to wear a holster and use a holster, the darn thing is going to be comfortable right out of the gate. That's number one. It's got to be comfortable. Because it doesn't matter what other criteria it meets. If it hurts me to wear it, I'm not going to wear it. I've got a whole bag full of holsters I bought that I thought would be comfortable and they turned out not to be and so as a result I don't where any of them. So, that's the number one criteria. Right after that its safety concerns and functionality and so on. For example: I like holsters that cover the trigger guard entirely and you can see that this one does. I also like holsters that have some versatility to them, especially the Kydex ones, where I can adjust the particular angle that they sit on my belt. This one has a lot of versatility. In fact, it came with so many clips and options that honestly… maybe I'm just simple… okay yeah, I probably am simple… but I was very confused by them and the one thing that they did not provide when they sent me this thing was any instruction so I knew what clip was for what. I have no idea. If i have any criticism of Harry's Holsters, it would be that I wish they had included some instructions along with the holster so that I didn't have to figure out how to connect things and so on. It wasn't hard, but some instructions would have been kind of nice. Now, I know the old thing… you know, when all else fails, read the instructions. Yeah, well, I probably would have read the instructions first and I didn't have any. So there you are. Alright. But, I did have all those other clips. I just settled on this one because this is the one I liked. But, there's a ton of options. Now, there's other things about holsters that I want. I want them to have some form of retention, but not something I have to physically undo. So for example: if it's a concealment carry holster like this one, I don't want to have a strap on it; I don't want to have a button i have to push or anything like that. I just want the holster to naturally retain the firearm to some degree so that if I have to run or jump or whatever to get away, that the gun doesn't come flopping out of my holster and end up on the ground. Or if I get knocked down, the holster doesn't come loose. But at the same time, I want to be able to get the holster quickly… or get the gun quickly rather, out of the holster if I need it. Because you know it's a panic button, right? You got to get to the thing really fast. So honestly, I would say the only thing beyond that is I like holsters that are well made and this holster is very well-made. It's a very strong heavy kydex and it's extremely well-made. Now, they also sent me, in additional holster which I'll set down… they also sent me… If I can get it out of my pocket… a mag pouch, which was kinda cool. It is kydex as well and it's also very strongly made. And what's really cool about it… if I take the mag out you can see… is reversible. I have it set up as an inside the waistband holster for a right-hander, so it would go inside my belt that way. But after wearing it that way for a while, I just really didn't like it inside the waistband. So I probably would move this over here and use it outside the waistband. I think the original intent was so that if you're left-handed you want to put it over here inside the waistband, but what I did like is the fact that if I wanted to carry it outside the waistband I could by simply move the clip from one side to the other and the holes are there for me to do that. So it gives me some additional versatility. Now after I've talked about all of that stuff… that's the, you know, "what I want the holster to be before I even put it on." It fit all of my criteria. It's even comfortable, oddly enough. The big deal though, is can I get the gun out of the holster efficiently and quickly when I need it and can I Re-holster the gun safely without having the holster fight me and close up or get in my way or whatever the case might be? Well, I took it down to the Rainbow Range to test that out. Let's go see. So the holster actually rides very well right back here. I found that's the most comfortable spot for me. I've discovered the holster has great retention. It holds the gun really well, but it also makes it easy for me to draw the weapon. I don't like having any retention on a concealment holster, because when I need the gun I need it (snap) right now. My retention is the fact that nobody knows I have it because it's reasonably concealed. I generally wear an outside the waistband holster and I'm almost always wearing a shirt like this because it covers up the gun. Which means instead of opening up a jacket, I live in Southern California, I have to lift the garment out of the way and pull it out of the way in order to get to the gun. It takes me a little bit longer to do that and it looks something like this. So it's relatively quick, but I'm not going to win any quick draw contest. Now let's put the gun back again. We'll try it one more time. Keep in mind that if your concealed carry holder or off duty police officer or whatever, you carrying a gun concealed, remember drawing the gun needs to be as quick as you can do it and do it safely and put rounds on target where you want 'em to go. Putting the gun back in the Holster… You can take your time about that. First of all, once it's out you kind of want to make sure you don't have anybody else that wants to plant flowers in your hair. But at the same time, when you put the gun away you want to make sure that your clothing is not getting stuck in the holster or you've got something in the way or your finger's not on the trigger… you know, you're nervous and scared or whatever. So put the gun back very slowly and deliberately. The gun needs to come out quickly and get into action quickly, but afterwards it's a matter of very slowly and deliberately finding that holster and slowly putting the gun back in the holster until you feel it retain and then cover yourself back up again. Remember, nobody ever won a gunfight by being the fastest guy to holster the gun. It's the other way around. The gun has to come out quick and get into action and then move… whatever you're going to do. But, when you put the gun back it needs to come back and be put away slowly and deliberately. Now, if your in a climate where you're wearing a shirt over-the-top that's not like this or your wearing a jacket or something, that's different. If you want, I'll come back in just a second and show you how that applies with this holster or with any holster, for that matter, that's concealed. Ok, I'm back. I had to grab another mag and unbutton my shirt, basically. If you've got some sort of a garment that's open in the front like this one is, that's easier. You don't have to pull it out of the way. You've just going to sweep it out of the way to get to the gun. But it's important that you do it where it gets completely out of the way. If it's a heavy garment, you can take your palm and put it here and rest it and run it all the way around like that and get it that way and just kind of sweep out of the way with your palm. That's pretty easy. Another way to do it is to grab it with a hooking grip like that and flick it all the way back. So what you're doing is grabbing it, flicking it all the way back and grabbing the gun. Either one works. Like I said, if I'm wearing a suit jacket, I tend to to ride it back, but you can see with a light shirt what happens is it kind of gets tangled in your fingers. So if it's a light shirt, you might discover that grabbing that hook, flipping it out of the way all the way back, then coming down the gun and grabbing the gun that way might work better. So let's try that. We flick it and the gun comes out, Ok. Now, I'm just shooting two shots for demonstration purposes but obviously, you gonna keep shooting until the threat is no longer there for you, and that's that. Alright again, putting the gun back slowly, getting my hand out of the way, we're going to take our time and make sure that gun goes back in the holster and snaps into place without shooting ourselves squarely in the rump and that's no bueno. Don't do that. All right, one more time. Alright, flicking it out of the way and the gun comes out. At that point you're going to be moving. You may want to move while you do that. Whatever your training is. If you haven't had any training, go get some. That's always a good thing. Flick it out of the way. Draw, move, whatever you got to do. Check for other threats. You can do it this way. A lot of instructors teach that. You can do it here. A lot of instructors teach that. It depends on your environment. It depends on the situation. But then when you've decided you're safe and you wanna put the gun away the nice part about this whole sure is a very strong well-made kydex and it stays open very nicely so i can find it and put the gun right back. So all in all, I've been very satisfied. I figured I'd teach you a little bit about drawing while I was here, but I've been very satisfied with the Harry's Holster. It's extremely well-made. It's very positive. It's the most comfortable inside the waistband holster I've been able to find and I'm actually using it! And for me to use an inside the waistband holster… well, you ask anybody that knows me and they'll go, "Wait. What?!" Because I typically don't like them and when they contacted me and asked me to review it, I thought well, I don't know if that's fair because I generally don't like them. But this I like fairly well. I mean, it's a it's a really good holster. I like it! Well, there's the Harry's Holster for you. This great little deal right here, which honestly, I've been very pleasantly surprised by. I really wasn't expecting to like it that match because, as you know, I don't like like kydex holsters that much, particularly inside the waistband. But, I'm very pleased with this one. If you'd like to know more about the Harry's Holster or where you can buy it, just go to the links in the description. I've got a link down there, so that you can find all the information you need about it and obviously, I recommend it. It's a terrific holster and seems like a great little company Thank you very much for watching my videos. I really appreciate it. Please check us out on facebook, twitter Instagram. 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