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Quiz 1 Flashcards

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Quiz 1 Flashcards

TermIn general, the smaller the vibrating element, the what its pitch?


TermIn music a sound that has a definite pitch


TermThe distance in pitch between any two tones


TermWhere do the vibrations of brass instruments come from?

DefinitionVibration of the lips

TermWhat are the only orchestral drums of definite pitch


TermHow many keys does a piano have, spanning more than 7 octaves


TermA regular, recurrent pulsation that divides music into equal units of time


TermThe element of music defined as the ordered flow of music through time


TermWhat is the effect that happens when an accent occurs on an unexpected beat?


TermThe rate of speed of the beat of the music


TermDescribe a music staff

DefinitionThe five lines on a sheet of music holding the clef sign, time signature, notes, and measures

TermPlaced at the beginning of a staff to show the exact pitch of each line and space


TermWhat letters does western music use to indicate pitch?

DefinitionThe first 7.

TermWhat is silence indicated by in musical notation?


TermBy adding a dot to the right of a note we?

DefinitionAdd half the value of the note it follows

TermIn a musical time signature, the upper number tells?

DefinitionHow many beats are in a measure

TermDefine melody

DefinitionOne sound played by itself

TermA resting place at the end of musical phrase


TermDefine the term theme

DefinitionA generalized idea the piece is centralized around

TermThe musical element that refers to the way chords are constructed


TermA combination of three or more tones sounded at the same time


TermThe simplest, most basic chord used in Western music


TermA central tone, scale and chord


TermIn traditional Western music, what is the smallest interval between successive tones of a scale?


TermSharp of flat signs immediately following the clef sign at the beginning of the staff

DefinitionKey signature

TermDefine the term texture

DefinitionThe layers of sound

TermDefine the term form

DefinitionHow a piece of music is put together

TermA collection of ascending or descending successive pitches


TermAn ending point or pause in music that is similar to a period or comma in writing


TermThe tone color of an instrument or voice


TermThe three primary textures in music

DefinitionMonophonic, homophonic, and polyphonic

TermDefine the three textures

DefinitionMonophonic: One sound played without chordal accompanimentPolyphonic: Two or more sounds played togetherHomophonic: One sound played with chordal accompaniment

spacing - How can I force a \hspace at the beginning of a line?

spacing – How can I force a \hspace at the beginning of a line? – I've tried various other ways of inserting a space. So far, they've all resulted in leading whitespace being ignored. I suppose I could (in the script that emits the LaTeX) count the leading spaces in each line and use different \parindent values. I'm looking for something more elegant first.Some hospitals have begun to bring in clowns to relieve the silent, depressing atmosphere, especially in children's wards. This scheme is called "Medical Smile" and it helps sick children in a (21)_ that doctors, with Shyness is a problem that is common (0) ___to___many people.The beginner to journalism who is determined to make accreditation as a Foreign Correspondent his aim, must begin by tackling the problem of languages. It is a lonely prominence. Shimomura, at the age of 41, is believed to be the only Japanese woman ever to have become a foreign correspondent.

1 post published by etornauta during March 2007 – One American classical scholar, Daniel Dombrowsi, claims that Plato wanted to show (6) _ happened when man attempted to create an "ideal В5. The famous musician, Pablo Casals, tells in his autobiography how he once received of a letter from a special orchestra in a village which in the…Instead of trying to show the superiority of a specific product, the intention was to position Sparrow in the hearts of potential customers. 33, mark one fetter (A, B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet.· There is an example at the beginning (0). 19. A. condemn B. accuse C. charge D. blame 20.The clef in musical notation is a sign whose function is to indicate the height of written music, assigning a certain note to a line of the staff, which is taken as a reference point to establish the names of the rest of the notes. It is located at the beginning of each staff, although it can be changed at any time…

1 post published by etornauta during March 2007

Practise the Pronunciation of Words 2 Часть – …show exact pitch of the notes places on each line/space Treble: Symbol for relatively high pitch (left hand) > Grand Staff: Encompasses both treble and bass staves for wide range of pitches by both hands Triad built on first/tonic note of scale (serves as main chord, piece usu begins/ends in it)…2. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. at the beginning, but have good. hopes prospects futures promotions. in a company that trains its. employers crew staff persons.staff, the lines and spaces can be read in relation to it.A clef is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of Placed on one of the lines at the beginning of the staff it indicates the name and pitch of the The treble and bass staff have five lines and each. There are four spaces between these lines.

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