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Scavenger Hunt:

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Scavenger Hunt: “The U.S. Constitution” Worksheet

Mr. Nussbaum - United States Constitution Scavenger Hunt

Mr. Nussbaum – United States Constitution Scavenger Hunt – United States Constitution Scavenger Hunt. This scavenger hunt is designed for use with the interactive constitution. This activity can be copied directly into your Google Classroom, where you can use it for practice, as an assessment, or, to collect data.U. S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt Directions: Answer each question and cite the applicable section of the Constitution as appropriate. 1. Questions about interpreting the Constitution are decided by which branch of government? 2. Under the U. S. Constitution, Americans are free to disagree with and criticize government officials.Sean Murphy Period 3 The United States Constitution Scavenger Hunt Directions: Read the Constitution and complete the following question directly on this handout. Reference page 745 in your text. PART I: THE OVERALL STRUCTURE OF THE CONSTITUTION 1. Read each article of the Constitution. Summarize the general purpose or subject of each article.

PDF U. S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt – – Constitution Scavenger Hunt An annotated version of the United States Constitution (the Constitution with explanations) can be found on the National Constitution Center: Explore the Constitution website. Use the navigationConstitutional Scavenger Hunt. Directions: Read each question carefully. Use the U.S. Constitution to answer each question in the table on page 2 and where in the Constitution you found it (Article, Section, Amendment).This is a US Constitution scavenger hunt activity with 25 items that students can find embedded in the text of the Constitution. To win the hunt, pairs of students should work together to find the answers for all the items and should be given the opportunity to read aloud their answers if they think

PDF  U. S. Constitution Scavenger Hunt -

The_United_States_Constitution_Scavenger_Hunt – Sean – Start studying US Constitution Scavenger Hunt. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The first article of the Constitution places limits on the states. Name one. A resident within the United States for 14 years 3. Natural born citizen.Constitution Scavenger Hunt The Constitution is the founding document of the United States government. Even though it is over 200 years old, it still plays a central role in the function of this country. Learn more about the Constitution on the World Book Web and then find the answers to the following questions! Find It! 1.US CONSTITUTION SCAVENGER HUNT. Name: PREAMBLE. What are the six purposes of the Constitution identified in the Preamble? ARTICLE ONE. 1. What are the qualifications to be a Representative? How…

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