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What are three characteristics of at risk drivers?

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What are three characteristics of at risk drivers?

1. They own or have access to a vehicle

2. They drive on public or private roads

3. They may or may not have a drivers license

Every driver is an “at risk” driver to one degree or another.
The term “At risk” is a very subjective and misleading term since
it is used for certain groups of drivers, especially in the older
population, often with little regard to their actual driving skill
and ability.

Characteristics of Bad and Good Drivers - Time to Change

Characteristics of Bad and Good Drivers – Time to Change – Patient – Patience is one of the most important traits a driver can have. Heavy traffic, road construction, parking, and the actions of other drivers will test patience on a daily basis. Impatience can lead to aggression, bad decision making, and ultimately accidents. Patience is a virtue in driving and prevents car accidents.Various characteristics associated with drunk drivers were found more often in one gender than another. Females were more likely to be affected by both mental and physical health problems, have family and social problems, have a greater drug use, and were frequently unemployed.A. over confident B. negative about themselves or others C. Impulsive  Describe three characteristics of safe drivers. A. careful and attentive of the driving task B. emotionally stable, do not overreact C. Good decision makers, who don't make decisions based on emotions  Describe three driver errors that could cause a collision.

Drunk driving – Wikipedia – They own or have access to a vehicle 2. They drive on public or private roads 3.Disaster risk is widely recognized as the consequence of the interaction between a hazard and the characteristics that make people and places vulnerable and exposed. Disasters are sometimes considered external shocks, but disaster risk results from the complex interaction between developmentscope and characteristics of the problem. Defining the problem goes beyond simply counting cases: it includes delineating mortality, morbidity, and risk-taking behaviour. In the case of road traffic injuries, this step includes obtaining information on the demographic characteristics of the people involved, the temporal and geographical

Drunk driving - Wikipedia

characteristics of a good\/bad driver – Describe three – List and explain the four characteristics of risk. always present, affected by all road users, perceived risk differs from actual risk, and risk can be managed. Be alert to other pedestrians and drivers 3. Search for signs of movement between, beneath, and around objects 4. Make sure other drivers see youAll drivers face risks, but the factor that contributes most to crashes and deaths appears to be inexperience.1Newly licensed drivers, primarily teenagers, have the highest crash rates, but even drivers well into their twenties have higher crash rates than older drivers. Risk factors for motor vehicle crashes that are particularly elevated among teenage drivers include:Anyone can get skin cancer, but people with certain characteristics are at greater risk— A lighter natural skin color. Skin that burns, freckles, reddens easily, or becomes painful in the sun. Blue or green eyes. Blond or red hair. Certain types and a large number of moles. A family history of skin cancer. A personal history of skin cancer

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