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What is 5 Percent of 200?

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What is 5 Percent of 200?

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What is 5 Percent of 200? – 5% of 200 equals 10. To learn how to calculate 5 percent of 200, see the step by step instructions below.

What is 5 Percent of 200?



How to calculate 5 percent of 200

Formula =
x Number
x 200
= 10

Following shows the steps on how to derive this formulaStep 1: If 200 is 100%, then what is 5% of 200? Setup the equation.


Step 2: Solve for Y
Using cross multiplication of two fractions, we get
100Y = 5 x 200
100Y = 1000

What is % of

? =

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What is average speed with example 200 km in 2.5 hours - YouTube

What is average speed with example 200 km in 2.5 hours – YouTube – A car travels 200 km in 2.5 hours. What is the average speed?Average speed physics.If the current level of production is 5,200 units, use differentials to estimate how the total cost will change if 5,250 units are produced instead. of inflection of the graph. d. What is the significance of the point of inflection in terms of advertising expenditure and sales?20% of 200 is 40. Sure enough, this is the result that a calculator gives: 364 views ·. To find 20% of a number easily, find 10% of given number which can be easily find out by moving 1 decimal place to leftwards, ie ( moving 1 decimal place of 200we get 20).

Exam 2 Review Flashcards | Quizlet – Click hereto get an answer to your question What is 20. What percent of Rs.4500 is Rs.9000 ?Percentage mean upon 100, so #x%=x/100#. Here it is #5%# of #200#, wherever there is an "of" simply multiply. #5% " of " 200 = 5/(1cancel00) What is the lewis structure for hcn? How is vsepr used to classify molecules? What are the units used for the ideal gas law? How does Charle's law relate to…What is 200 percent of 5? How much is 200% of 5? Use this easy and mobile-friendly calculator to calculate percentages.

Exam 2 Review Flashcards | Quizlet

What is 20% of 200? – Quora – What is 5% of 200? 1 view. Verified answer.What is the sum. 11 posts Go to First Unread Post. Various ways.. 1) making use of the info in the question.. Sum of first 100 positive integers =5050. Now 101 to 200, each term will be 100 more than a certain term in 1 to 100.What Is Chi-square Goodness Of Fit Test? Since the critical value for the alpha of .05 (95% confidence) for df=2 is 5.99 and our chi-square statistic value 16.3, is much larger than 5.99, we have sufficient evidence to reject our Null hypothesis which we covered above.

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பெரிய கொம்பு தேன் – Extracting Honey with Tribes – Irfan's View – DISCLAIMER WILSPAT: What Shhhhhh? You had a bite and my turn now!!! Just for fun mam, don't mistake us, Go man, go!!! You will make some one to beat me, I guess.
IRFAN LAUGHS WILSPAT: If I ask that question, you would've made fun out of me right? It all happens,
WILSPAT: This man is still shooting huh? Guy, look here using Rasam and sambar powder we are going to make Chicken curry, IRFAN'S VIEW INTRO MUSIC PLAYS It has honey right? Yes, it is. There is little amount of honey in these combs, It is not fully done, I guess. I am going to try this little amount honey, SOMEONE: Do anyone want to try? I have got only this much from this big comb, But it is absolutely another level, It is fresh so it must be good. Look here guys, honey is there inside. Another Level!!! Each time it feels good to eat as they struggle to get it, We are standing under the sun and having this honey, it's a nice combo. It is very very sweet, I can feel that itch in my throat, It is very sweet. Fresh Honey!!! You won't get it if you don't ask for it, What is that sound??
IRFAN IMITATES WILSPAT WILSPAT: Yes, I want!!!! Very less honey, bite here, WILSPAT: What Shhh? You had a bite and my turn now!!! WILSPAT: That's the right part!!! We will get at night after this, This is the last piece, What is this honey called? OLD MAN: Sir!!! Wait a minute I will give you, What is the name you said, PasuRaj bro? Large Kombu Honey, IRFAN REPEATS THE NAME, What is that orange colored thing? Oh it is a flower huh!!! Oh it comes from each flowers know, so the left overs of flowers. It happens like that too, huh? My man is enjoying!!!
WILSPAT GIVES A REACTION OF ENJOYING IRFAN LAUGHS The wax become like a mentos after we finish chewing, WILSPAT: Yes, it is. We can spit it out once we are done with it. OLD MAN: Few more child, You want one more? Again we got a very little amount honey after climbing the tall tree, I couldn't understand about this work, seriously, They put their effort but sometime the get nothing, I feel bad about it. We will have our lunch and will go to main place. I am waiting for that for so long, We stopped in our half way, This place is Thalavadi, Here, they give a Brinji rice as kuska, We bought this, It is a small place. They have beef other than this. They have dhal too, huh? They are having dhal guys, WILSPAT: I didn't keep my hand, WILSPAT BEGUN TO SPEAK IN SIGN LANGUAGE WILSPAT: It is in reddish, right? WILSPAT GIVES A HORRIBLE LAUGH In that the meat flavor is there, WILSPAT SHOWS A PEACE SIGN FOR NO REASON The flavor of meat is too good in that curry, I don't know whether it is chicken or beef, Just mix it and try, It has a very good flavor, It is light, It is a basic food, Beef,
IRFAN HIDES WILSPAT FACE WILSPAT: Why did you hide my face? Camera focuses our face first, I wanted to show the beef so hide your face and mine as well.
WILSPAT GIVES A WOW LOOK This is the dine in place guys, Here is the frontage, Here they make the food, We had our food, After finishing our food, we wanted to buy some fruits, We also getting some chappathi, as we are going to stay there. This is actually the border Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, I can see both the influence in this food here, It is the mixed flavor food, Some speak Tamil and some speak Kannada, It is all mixed in here, Jack fruit smells really good. I wanted to try it, but all are telling it may trigger the heat. So I am not getting it, WILSPAT: What fruit we are going to get for the night? Uncle, what we can buy? KABEER: Can we get this one? What is that fruit? It doesn't look like hill banana, Is that so? KABEER: Try one, WILSPAT: Morris green are there, KABEER: This one is too good, Hey get this one dude KABEER: Try this dude, Is that Manjal? KABEER: Yes, it is. I love manjal, It is the best, Get Manjal 5, We are many right? Get a dozen then, SHOPKEEPER: Get one Kg!!! How many bananas will be coming? SHOPKEEPER: 50 rupees, Give one kg in each, KABEER: How many bananas will come? SHOPKEEPER: 12-13 bananas will be there, FAROOK: It is not enough, We are many right? Give us 2 kgs, SHOPKEEPER: How many people are there? WILSPAT: We are 18, SHOPKEEPER: So you will need 3 kgs, WILSPAT: It is not for meals bro, SHOPKEEPER: You are from? Chennai, SUBSCRIBERS: Greeting in Arab, We are your fan bro, That is why we drink juice always, WILSPAT: We need a reason to eat, Yes, So we have ordered apple juice for us, We must leave now, actually. Look at him, he has bought some thing for us, It has very good smell, I will take one. TEAM MEMBER: You too take, The banana which we saw was not hill banana it is Elaki, So we didn't get that, HE SERVES EVERYONE WILSPAT: How sweet it is!!! Another level dude!!! I could sense the taste in the flavor itself, It is amazing right? FAROOK: Hey guys!!! For me!!! Wait I will give you, TEAM MEMBER: The behind scene will be like this, TEAM MEMBER: You all will fight for the food like this!!!! Wait uncle, I will feed you, WILSPAT: How sweet it is? Very sweet guys, it taste like they have added sugar syrup, Amazing right? Amazing taste. Get two jack fruits too, For the sweetness, FAROOK: It has a different flavor, But very good flavor right? FAROOK: The apple flavor dominates it, FAROOK: It is very good caste, I bought it for 20 rupees, Only 20 rupees!!! SOMEONE: For 50 rupees they will give us only five pieces. WILSPAT: Only 20!!! We get fruit in cheaper rate in here, We are exploring this place, WILSPAT: This is the best jack fruit that I've ever had, WILSPAT: It is too sweet, TEAM MEMBER: I asked for only two, he said for 20 take this whole, If we mix it with banana and mango it would be great, Look at him, he says great combo from there, Mango, Jackfruit and banana, Is mango is available? Mango is not available, SHOPKEEPER: You are from? Chennai, SHOPKEEPER: Where did you come? We've come to Thaalavaadi, From here we are going to another place, I don't the name of that place, People taking us, You are from?
SHOPKEEPER: This place. WILSPAT: What question you are asking? Just a talk man, Just for fun I spoke mam, Don't mistake us mam, Go man, go!!! You will make some one to beat me, I guess. WILSPAT: If I ask that same question, you would've made fun out of me right? It all happens,
WILSPAT: This man is still shooting huh? BOTH LAUGHS IRFAN SING A SONG IRFAN STARTED SHOUTING We are going in a third car, following two cars, We were there in that car yesterday, But today we are going separately as I said in the morning, To take honey, we've finished all our work quickly, We've changed all the tyres in a car, We are taking all the things needed, including water cans, Because PaalRaj has said there is many honey hives, Not PaalRaj PasuRaj, I am not getting his name correctly, I am getting PaalRaj, I don't know why, Kabeer is calling him Anna Malai, Wilspat calls him Pasu, We are calling him in many names, A very good guy, He is the one who is taking all of us, Can you see those two cars, If you couldn't no issues, I will show you after wards, One car is Eeco, and another one is Enjoy, And this one is i20, We are travelling, listening to some songs, We had a break in the middle, We had lunch and juices, We are on our way now, Let's see how long it takes, Now the time is 5:51 pm, We don't whether we will reach that place before it is dark, We can show if we go before the light goes, How beautifully he drives, you know? Style man, What man you are sleeping? WILSPAT: Dude!!!! His face is glowing man, look at him, WILSPAT AGREES, AND TOOK IT SEROUS WITHOUT KNOWING THAT IRFAN MAKING FUN OF HIM, WILSPAT: Let me sleep, WILSPAT: We are on a travel, Every time he sleeps guys, He is the only man who can sleep all the time, He sleeps at night, He sleeps in the morning, I don't know what is his problem? You have any sleeping disease? WILSPAT: The reason is, suddenly we should walk, It is time saving right? WILSPAT: I should not feel tired while working right? KABEER: Then you should not sleep during night bro, KABEER REPEATS WILSPAT: That work tiredness will carry to the night, You are such an irritating idiot, Travelling with friends like this is a total fun, We must enjoy it, That feel should come within, Leaving all that he wants to sleep, Are you an old man? WILSPAT: I am still young man, No old man, WILSPAT: He is the only man who sees sleeping as a crime, Do anyone tell sleeping is bad? IRFAN REPEATS If we get some time he sleep off, That is what I am telling, Nothing else, If you are at home, sleep man, I am not gonna ask you, WILSPAT: You are telling me to be attentive while travelling? I don't know in which planet he survive? These road is awesome guys, We reached the place, This is the place we are going to extract the honey, Only one tree but it has all the hive on it, I can see through my eyes, I couldn't show through camera, Let me go nearer, We parked the vehicle there, This surface is going little down, How many hives are there!!!! This the place you take every year huh? PASURAJ: We will get nearly 200 kgs from this tree, They will 200 kgs of honey guys, What tree it is? SOMEONE: Mathi Tree, Mathi Tree, I don't know what tree is it? If you know the tree, comment below. I am going at first position as I know everything, It is out of enthusiasm, I wanted to show you guys, How many hives are there guys!!! Hives, hives,………………………….. It is like a treasure, Is this place look like a treasure to you guys!!! SOMEONE: Yes, They are agreeing, There is a temple under the tree, This set up is whole another level, We can shoot a movie, No one has shot this place yet huh?
SOMEONE: No!!! Shall we shoot a movie in here? SOMEONE: Surely will do, I will get a good story and I will shoot movie in here, It is scary to get nearer guys, There is more hives than the branches, ALL: You should not wear your slippers, temple is there. I can put till that place right? We are late, if we came earlier it would be amazing guys, Huge hives guys!!! Wow!!! Can you see it? It is dark in color right? How many hives are there in here!!! Guys we are going inside a forest, It is not dark moon dude, Hey mad, it is full moon dude, KABEER: Yes, How intelligent you are!!! Cashew fruit, SOMEONE: I will give you the good one, This one will be good, WILSPAT ENJOYS CASHEW FRUIT It is juicy right, We have seen a honey hives, We can extract during night, If we take in the morning it will sting as it can see, Now, we are going to cook our dinner in here, We are going to stay in here, We are not going to go back to our room, We are going to stay in here, I was expecting for a moment like this, and tonight it is happening, Here they have lit the fire, I think we will get a tea, SOMEONE: Yes, for sure, Another level man, Another level man, They understand our deep mind and they went to make a tea, We had our seats as it is a campfire, But it is a the fire to make a tea, They are going to put something, we will sit afterwards no issues, They have spread a mat for us to sit, They are making tea in here, They are going to slaughter the hen as well, After the tea we are going cook dinner for us, They are going to cook in their style, We didn't come this far to do what we know, But came here watch what all they know, How will you make chicken curry? Another level!!! SOMEONE: You must eat what ever we offer, I want to help them, SOMEONE: Can you chop the onions? Except the onion I will do everything, I will never chop onions, It is all ready here, I am going to help them, Another level. Give me some thing for chopping, SOMEONE: Just peel of the onion skin, Okay then, I will peel off the onion skin, SOMEONE: We don't have chicken powder, So for that you are going to use sambar powder? SOMEONE: We bought in that way!!! Is it??? What we are going to do? We can do it without that powder!!! You have ginger garlic paste? You guys don't ginger garlic paste? Another level!!! It is there it seems, SOMEONE: Ginger is here, where is the garlic? It will take more than half an hour to make a paste, We are going to make chicken curry using Sambar and Rasam Powder, That is what we have, We are going to use what we have, This is the task, All are discussing about the absence of chicken curry, That is not an issue, We've done many thing, this is not a big deal for us, Look at the power of this light, it travel till the sky, CAMERA MAN FAILS TO SHOW THE SKY AS HE COULDN'T BEND, I will light up the sky, I can also light up those guy's face, It is the powerful light, It travels so many miles, Look at him, he is getting irritated. WILSPAT: I am going to kill you man, He is telling that he will kill me, We are going to add the Rasam powder huh? Let us use the Rasam powder, It is the final, Mixing all that we will make a chicken curry powder, They are still cooking, They are making sambar now, After that they will make chicken, Between that we have planned to extract those honey, The time is around 10:15 pm It may get too late, so we started moving, We are just 8 people going there, We are going by a single car, IRFAN REPEATS we are going to bring honey with us, Let us go, We cannot take many honey hives, As we will be back soon, But they will stay there and bring all the hives, For our safety we will leave that place soon, They will stay back, Let us se what is gonna happen there, It has come!!!! My God!!!! DISCLAIMER THE END .

Muon g-2 experiment finds strong evidence for new physics – >> For centuries, people have watched tops
wobble as they spin on tables, but recently, scientists have had their eyes on the wobble
of fundamental particles called muons.
Scientists have made incredibly precise
calculations of how muons should move, so making an equally precise measurement of this property is a good
test of the theoretical model. If theory and experiment don't agree, then there must be undiscovered
particles or forces at work. But first, what exactly is a muon? >> So, a muon can be thought of as
a heavier cousin of an electron. It's about 200 times more massive,
and it has many of the same properties that an electron has, except that
because it's heavier, it can also decay. And in general, it takes about two microseconds
and then it decays into an electron. >> Most importantly, muons are electrically
charged particles with a property called spin. As a result, they behave as
if they have internal magnets. >> So, a muon has this quantity which
effectively means that if you put it in a magnetic field, it spins around just
exactly like a spinning top, and the g-factor, this g number that we're trying to
measure, directly relates the strength of the magnetic field to the spin of the muon
and tells you how quickly the muon will spin when it's in that magnetic field. So, the g-factor causes the muon spin to
wobble when you put it inside a magnetic field. >> Scientific theories initially predicted that the muon should have g-factor
equal to exactly two. But it wasn't so simple. >> So, in general, you might think that the
vacuum itself, if you just have a vacuum chamber with nothing in it, there's nothing there. But in reality, due to something
called the uncertainty principle, we have particles that come in and
out of existence for just a blip. And so, they come in and then they vanish again. They appear and vanish again. And so, as our muons are going around, they're
not only interacting with the magnetic field, but they're also interacting with these virtual
particles which come in and out of existence. >> I like to think of it a bit like when you put
too many pieces of paper behind a fridge magnet. If you add an extra one in there,
it doesn't feel the force as much, and it will fall off your fridge. The muon's going to just slightly,
for a tiny amount of time, feel the slightly different amount of force, depending on which virtual
particle got in the way. >> In June of 2020, a collaboration of more than 170 scientists completed an extraordinarily
complex set of calculations and arrived at this value for the muon's g-factor. >> More precisely, we can measure the
speed, the more sensitive we are to learning about different types of
these virtual particles. And the hope is that eventually, if we
measured it really, really precisely, we might be sensitive to new particles from beyond the Standard Model
that they once measured you at. >> That's where Fermilab's Muon
g-2 experiment comes in. >> The Muon g-2 experiment involves taking
muons and we put them inside a big magnet where we store them and send
them around and around. And while they're in there,
we measure the frequency at which their spin rotates
within the magnetic field. So, we can measure this quantity very precisely,
and it can also be predicted very precisely. And the main goal of the experiment is to make
the measurement and compare with the theory. And if they disagree, then it's
telling us that there's something in nature which is not in the theory. So, the thing in nature is affecting the
measured value and making it different from the theory which doesn't
contain this new physics. >> In 2013, an enormous 50-foot
magnet traveled 3,200 miles by land and sea from Brookhaven National
Lab in New York to Fermilab. This magnet is hundreds of times stronger
than those magnets on your refrigerator. >> So, this experiment builds on
a previous experiment that ran at Brookhaven National Laboratory
around the 2000 mark. It's a very similar experiment actually using the same
magnet to store the muons. >> It's a c-shaped magnet which is seven
meters in radius, and the unique feature of the magnet is how well shimmed, how
uniform the magnetic field of the magnet is. So, it's not only a big yoke of steel. There are many, many small
shims, small parts you can use to tune the field to high uniformity. >> So, at the Brookhaven experiment measured
exactly the same thing that we're trying to measure at the Fermilab experiment, and
the reason that we're doing it again is because it produced this
really, really exciting result. And the reason it was so exciting is
that it was quite significantly different from the Standard Model prediction,
and nobody was expecting it, and no one had a really good
explanation for why. But it wasn't enough different to
call it a discovery of something new. For it to be called a discovery, the gap
between the theory and the experiment has to be really, really more precisely known. So, the theory community
worked on reducing their error bars and for the experiment side, we need to repeat the experiment
with much higher statistics in order to reduce the error bar . >> Improvements in the particle
beam, experimental equipment, and methods allow researchers to make
a measurement four times more precise than the original Brookhaven experiment. The new measurement has an
extremely high level of precision, the equivalent of measuring
the length of a football field with an uncertainty smaller
than the width of a human hair. >> It's just ridiculously precise. We're all going to be super proud that we
managed to measure this precise number. >> Now, after four years of assembling and
calibrating the magnet and more than a year of data collection and analysis, the Muon g-2
collaboration has its first result. >> The unblinding was an
incredible moment for the team. We finally agreed the analysis was complete
and we had to, what we call open the envelope where the secret decipher code is. So, that number then got typed into a computer with nearly 200 people watching
at a special Zoom meeting. [ Cheering ] The new result does not agree with
the Standard Model prediction, but it does agree with the previous
experiment published almost 20 years ago. You can see the Standard Model on the
left side, and you see the new average of the experiments on the right side. There's a big gap of white space between them. As the gap gets bigger, this is
what we mean by the significance. Many people ask whether we have really
discovered something, but in our field, we like to set the bar of the
significance of a new result pretty high, higher than most people might say. If you think about this in terms of
a football field and you're trying to score a touchdown, we're
in the red zone right now. We're in the red zone, and we need a little
bit more data to either push it over, but you never know if the
defense is going to come along, that being the Standard Model,
and just kick us back. So, we're sort of close, but not quite there. This is outstanding confirmation of
experimental technique, and very, very suggestive of the possibility
of new physics. That's what we're after. That's the game. >> Luckily, the Fermilab Muon g-2
experiment is not over yet. The team plans to carry out a total of
five runs of the experiment by 2022. An analysis of the complete dataset
should reveal whether the wobbling of the muon represents a resounding
success of the Standard Model or, rather, the sign of exciting new
physics waiting to be explored. [ Music ] .

The Top 5 0 GPUs of all time – Pricing and availability for computer hardware
has never been worse- so let’s tease ourselves with a glimpse back at the good times, when
graphics cards weren’t just in stock, but back to when you could actually get something
good without having to spend a fortune! I challenged myself to find the best graphics
cards that have ever existed for 0 or cheaper.
And that proved to be harder than it sounds-
for the ones in this list were chosen for a surprisingly diverse array of reasons. And
perhaps just as interesting as the cards that made the list are the ones that did not, which
I will be covering at the end. In at number 5 is the Geforce 3 ti 200.
The Geforce 3 Ti 200 was the first graphics card for under 0 with support for proper
pixel shading. It was almost half the price of the flagship ti 500, yet was still fast
enough to be CPU-bottlenecked at all but the highest of resolutions. Any mid-range card
that doesn’t look bad compared with the high end one is a win in my books, and that’s
why the Geforce 3 Ti 200 makes the list. I didn’t have one of these, but my friend
did and watching Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament 2003 running at highest settings
was a joy to behold. The pixel shading support was important- not only did it make water
look super pretty, but it also futureproofed the card, allowing you to run games that other
people couldn’t. Just ask owners of the Geforce 4 mx series how they felt about being
unable to run Splinter Cell! In at number 4 is something completely different:
the Ryzen 2200G. This isn’t even a graphics card! This is an APU, meaning that it’s
a processor and graphics card combined. For just 0. And for that price, you got a processor
that was worth 0, that had graphics performance worth… 0. 0 worth of stuff, for just
0! I’ve babbled endlessly about how great this thing was. It wasn’t like it was insanely
fast, but it made any other budget component… pointless. Because the moment you buy a graphics
card that’s faster than this, the price you’re paying to build your PC more than
doubles. In terms of performance, the 2200G wasn’t
anything special- you could run modern games at low resolutions and settings, and older
games more easily. But it was the price that did it for me- before this point, APU performance
was so bad you couldn’t justify using it to game. But this was the first processor
to change all that, and honestly… for the price, what you can get hasn’t improved
much since. There was the more expensive, slightly faster 2400G as well, but that missed
the point because for that price it was having to compete against systems with faster graphics
cards. The 2200G had no such troubles. Add to that how energy efficient and quiet this
thing is and it’s something I think every PC-owner could find a use for. I have one
in the other room for use as an emergency extra LAN PC. At number 3, the Radeon 4850. At the time,
Nvidia had been dominant for generations. Their Geforce 8000 series, which I’ve already
covered, destroyed AMD’s 2000 series. The 3000 series was good, but still failed to
achieve enough performance to worry Nvidia. But the Radeon 4800 series was fast enough,
and cheap enough to change the game. The Radeon 4870 was a 0 monster that battled Nvidia’s
flagship. And the Radeon 4850 took the fight in the 0 price range, finally providing
a superior option to the Geforce 8800 and 9800 cards. What made this product so special,
in my opinion, was that it represented a return to competition. After several generations
of failing, AMD’s unusual small-die strategy had finally paid off, enabling them to undercut
and outperform Nvidia’s competing products. It was David VS Goliath! Plus, the exchange
rate meant I got a 0 4850 for £114. £114! …for one of the best graphics cards on the
market. These days you’re talking more than 10x that. Number 2 is the… Geforce 8800 GT.
It is difficult to know how much the 8800 GT was at release. Different models were apparently
meant to come out between 0 and 0, so if there weren’t actually any for 0 then
ignore this entry. But if there are… then this card deserves the number 2 spot.
I didn’t expect to include this card on the list at all -let alone above the Radeon
4850- but with hindsight, this graphics card might have been even more incredible, given
the situation at the time. The reason I haven’t included anything from the Geforce 6000 or
7000 series in this list is because the 8000 series blew them all away and remained relevant
for much longer. The problem was, the first generation of 8800 cards were more expensive
than 0, so couldn’t be featured in the list. And with ATI’s competing 2000 series
being an absolute disaster, there wasn’t much else to choose from at the time. And
that’s why the 8800 GT was such a big deal. Because it shouldn’t have existed!
When you don’t have competition, you ramp up the prices and bleed customers for every
penny they have. That’s basic stuff right there. But Nvidia didn’t do this. Despite
no competition from AMD, despite the 8800 series already performing and selling well,
Nvidia, for some reason, decided to be their own worst enemy by releasing the 8800 GT,
undercutting themselves by releasing this faster and cheaper card which immediately
made the other, more expensive Geforce 8800 cards pointless. For no reason. It was cheap
enough to make the 8600 series seem a bit rubbish as well. Which admittedly, it kind
of was. They even based the 8800 GT on the new, smaller
65 nm process, meaning it even consumed less power than the other 8800 cards. Good guy
Nvidia. What the fuck, Nvidia. Why were you so generous,
and almost a year before AMD delivered some real competition in the form of the Radeon
4800? Well… I think I have an idea. The Radeon
3870 came out just 2 weeks after the 8800 GT did, and Nvidia were presumably expecting
fierce competition. But AMD’s 3000 series ended up being slower and a bit more power
hungry than Nvidia’s cards were. Nvidia had perhaps expected it to be better than
it was, making the 8800 GT a misjudged cock-up that benefitted gamers the world over.
You’d think we’d be happy with this state of affairs, wouldn’t you. But Anandtech
ends the 3870’s review by moaning that we have nothing decent at the 0 price point.
Even some of the greatest sub-0 bargains we’ve ever seen isn’t enough to please
some people, it seems! And in at number 1 is the Radeon 480, which
I’d consider to be the last great graphics card for under 0. Bear with me here- it’s
not just because it’s the only one I can think of in recent memory or anything like
that. There are good reasons for why this is number 1. A while back I did a really good
video comparing it to the Radeon 4850- definitely worth your time to check it out and subscribe
to its maker. In that video, I concluded that the 480 wasn’t as fast compared to the flagships
of the time, and thus was not as good as the 4850. So why have I put it at number 1? Well,
that’s thanks to the power of hindsight! Because with the Radeon 4850, due to progress
in the industry and with games, it was pretty useless for gaming 4 years after it came out.
I should know: I had one. But the Radeon 480? You could still be using it today, 5 years
after its release! You could have made money mining cryptocurrency with it. Hell, you could
have done both of these things and still sold it on today for as much as you got it for
in the first place! Using hindsight, you could have bought a Radeon
290 or Geforce 970 even earlier and still had the same performance. Or had you known
how DIRE the graphics market would become, you might even have justified a Geforce 1080
or 1080 ti instead. But that’s not what this video’s about. In terms of 0 graphics
cards, the Radeon 480 is, I believe, the greatest card of all time. And I’ll end this video with honourable
mentions, because if I don’t mention these somewhere then somebody watching is going
to complain that I didn’t ‘remember’ these, or to make up some other blatant lie.
The Radeon X700 and Geforce 6600, 7600 and 9600 deserve honourable mentions for being
actual decent mid-range cards. Knowing the cards which came after though, it’s easy
to rule them out as not being the best times to buy, plus they were often recommended for
multi-card systems when we know now it just isn’t worth doing that for the frametimes.
What I don’t like were the naming schemes. It’s bad enough these days, but back then,
some of the names were criminal. All of those cards came in about 8 different configurations,
like PRO, SE, XT, LE, KO? XTX? Some being PCI-E and others being AGP and so on. It’s
just a real mess of configurations, and with so few reviews on them, and with even fewer
bothering to mention prices, I couldn’t decide on one from this mess of cards that
deserved to be in the top 5. So there. Another honourable mention to cards which
sound like they should be high-end, but actually weren’t. The worst offender was the Geforce
5900 XT, which was actually a mid-range card- AMD used ‘XT’ to represent their best
products, so Nvidia decided to use it to represent their slowest ones. Really dank if you think
about it, but it meant the 5900 XT, despite sounding like a great deal for its price,
was more like the older Radeon 9600 XT in terms of performance. The Geforce 4200 deserves mention because
it’s really good for a cut-down model. Most of the time, to make lower-end graphics cards
they get a faster one and disable large sections of them. But not so with the 4200- it’s
effectively the same as the flagship Geforce 4600, but clocked lower and with strange things
done to the RAM which in some situations can actually make it faster than the cards above
it. The reason I didn’t mention this card was because the Geforce 3 was probably a bit
more future-proof, what with the legendary Radeon 9000 series coming out soon after the
Geforce 4’s did. I feel like the Geforce 1650 Super deserves
honourable mention for being the most recent sub-0 graphics card to not completely suck.
But unfortunately, it’s the best of a bad period in time so it falls short of those
that are the best of a good period in time. The Geforce 750 ti. This card was a generation
ahead of its time: in terms of architecture and power efficiency, it was like a Geforce
900 series card, meaning it could squeeze so much more out of so much less silicon.
It didn’t require extra power cables, making it an easy card to slot into older PCs! Everything
about this card was great… apart from the stuff that you actually want from a graphics
card. Like, it wasn’t much faster than a 650 ti. It was the same price as a 650 ti.
And it came out about 16 months later. So really, the 650 ti was probably a better card
to get but this itself only stood out because of the enormous price-jump between it and
the next card up in the lineup. And don’t confuse this video for being about
the best cards of all time- normally, the best sub-0 card comes from the company
that’s underperforming at the high-end. It’s often troubled generations such as
the Radeon 3000 or 6000 series that would eventually become the greatest sub-0 bargains.
And lastly: VOODOO! It hasn’t always been Nvidia VS AMD. It used to be Nvidia VS ATI,
and before then, all sorts of names existed, like Matrox, Intel and… 3dfx, with their
famous Voodoo cards. This was back in the 90’s! I came to the scene after 3dfx had
lost the crown, yet I still knew their name for how legendary they had been- they were
the ones to introduce the world to graphics cards, transforming the pixelated mess that
was 3D gaming into a high-res, high framerate experience.
I wanted to include these cards on the list somewhere because they marked the birth of
modern 3D gaming and likely delivered some of the greatest performance leaps ever seen…
but this era seems totally incompatible with what came afterwards. Few records exist of
it, those that do are often incomplete, and fewer still bother to mention prices. From
what I can see, the iconic Voodoo 1 and 2 cards were all above 0- and way more than
that if you account for inflation- but I think this era in general deserves an honorary mention
because a 0 graphics card back then would have completely transformed gaming at that
time. But I can’t be bothered to research specifics for the sake of this video. From making this video, I’ve concluded that
it’s stupid to put a hard limit on the cost, just for the sake of it. 0 is psychologically
a nice number to aim for, but often the sweet-spot is a bit above or a long way below that amount,
and by being a bit more flexible with your budget you can get something better for your
money. Especially if you’re willing to spend £2000
these days. .