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You are driving on a multi-lane road, and you are feeling thirsty;

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You are driving on a multi-lane road, and you are feeling thirsty;

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You are driving on a multi-lane road, and you are feeling thirsty;

You are driving on a multi-lane road, and you are feeling thirsty; you must go to the right lane before you can drink the water.

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You are driving on a multi-lane road and you are feeling

You are driving on a multi-lane road and you are feeling – Find an answer to your question You are driving on a multi-lane road and you are feeling thirsty jeaniewilkerson jeaniewilkerson 04/24/2020 Law Middle School You are driving on a multi-lane road and you are feeling thirsty 2 See answers karma21355 karma21355Here you will learn how to safely drive on a multi-lane road and keep proper observation of everything around you. The video was filmed in the UK, but applies to drivers anywhere. Drive on a multi-lane road. Click through to watch this video on Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home job prospects to the next level?You are driving in the left lane on a multi-lane expressway, and are moving a bit faster than other traffic. A speeding car comes up behind you. You should 2 See answers Hello and welcome to Brainly! I'm Gabriella and I'm a part of the Welcoming Committee on Brainly. Thank you for posting your first question!

How to Drive on a multi-lane road « Driving & Safety – 7 hours ago You are driving on a multi-lane road, and you are feeling thirsty; It is recommended that you stop and have something to drink. You should not try to . drink anything while driving. It is okay to drink bottled drinks while driving, but you should not drink from cups even if they have lids. The types of drinks they sell at drive thruYou are driving on a multi-lane road, and you are feeling thirsty; you must go to the right lane before you can drink the water.Correct answers: 3 question: You are driving on a multi-lane road and you are feeling thirsty

How to Drive on a multi-lane road « Driving & Safety

You are driving in the left lane on a multi-lane – Topics:Right-of-WayEmergency VehiclesMove Over LawBlue, Green and Amber LightsTurnsU-TurnsChapter 5 QuizNote: Practice quizzes are available only for those sections of the manual covering rules of the road (Chapters 4 through 11 and Road Signs). Most traffic crashes occur at intersections when a driver makes a turn. Many occur in large parking lots that are open to public use, like at shoppingYou are driving on a multi-lane road, and you are feeling thirsty; you must go to the right lane before you can drink the water.If you start to notice any of the symptoms, particularly a headache and feeling thirsty, drink plenty of liquid – not just a sip. Then wait 15 minutes to see if it subsides. Driving dehydrated affects your concentration and coordination, so at all times you should be aware of what your hydration levels are.

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RV Internet for Full Time – – We finally have a solution to our full-time RV internet issue.
– And today we're gonna share
it with you. (upbeat music) – All right, before we tell you what fancy RV internet system we have now, Phil's gonna tell you what we had before. – Yeah, we had this little guy here. It's an AT&T hotspot. And it did work pretty well
for us most of the time. – Some of the time.
– Yeah, we did have a weBoost that we would have to put out when our signal was really
bad and that did help. But we were always having to reboot, you know, move it around the RV to try to find the right window that had the good signal and whatnot. So it did serve its purpose
when we started out. But we're glad this thing is done. We're done with it.
– Yeah, it's awful, terrible. And actually our provider
that we had through AT&T lost her contract with AT&T. So in March, right as COVID hit, we didn't have anything. We were using park WiFi for
a little while, it was awful. – Yeah, and those of you
that have had to connect to park WiFi, it's not the best, nor is it the most secure. – No, and you cannot upload
a video for most of it. So we were running around to
find Starbucks, or McDonald's, or somebody with WiFi,
for that occasionally. – Yeah, the only thing that it was good for is when we were thinking
about changing locations, we would throw this in the Jeep and we would go to that new
location and we would say, "Nope, still sucks." So, you know, it did serve
multiple functions for us. And if you hear some water
slurping, it's just Gizmo. – Yeah, he's drinking some water. – Yeah, he's a little thirsty. – All right, so numbers before we got the new system. – Yeah, we were dragging. And when I say we were dragging, we had a big old carrier
anchor that we were dragging. That's how slow we were moving. – Okay, that's Navy talk. Carrier anchor.
– Yeah. As you can see here, we were getting 1.9 megabytes down up to, you know, five and nine. But then you can see the day that we switched
over to the new modem, we started getting double digit speeds. We'd never, that I can remember, never saw speeds like this on that little hotspot that we had. No matter where we were, what angle we were sitting at, with the weBoost, we didn't get speeds like this. So as you can see, the
proof is in the pudding. – So what we decided to go with is from the company
called MobileMustHave. And this company is
actually owned by RVers. I don't know if they're
still full-time RVers, but I know they were for awhile. But the bundle that we decided to get, I'm reading it, in case you're wondering, is the Ultimate Road Warrior
Bundle with Poynting. The reason we decided
to go with this bundle is because we upload
videos and we use a lot, a lot, gigabytes, megabytes, whatever you wanna call
it on the internet. You may not need a bundle
with everything that we have. There are many bundles at MobileMustHave and you can go check it out. There are cheaper as well
as more expensive bundles. So, you know, if you're working from home and you need more than what we have, they offer that as well. So let's break down exactly what we have here for our internet needs. – Yeah, so to start out with, this is the little beauty, the dual modem that
Stacy was talking about. And what do we mean by dual modem? Well, under this dust cover right here is a spot that you can put
two SIM cards per modem. So that gives you four
slots for four SIM cards. And what do the SIM cards do for you? Well, the SIM cards are attached to a particular cell
service or a cell provider, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint. Well, I think T-Mobile
and Sprint have merged. So you have four options. And you can have different plans, SIMs. I mean, it's just whatever
you're looking to pull in there's a plan out there. We chose the dual modem because eventually we're gonna have two different cell
providers as a failover, I guess is the lack of a better term. So if our AT&T, for example, isn't as strong in an area that we're at and we have a Verizon, the Verizon will kick over,
or we can switch over to it, and then we're good to go. We won't lose anything. – Right, now mind you, that being said, not everyone, you know, has
uploading needs like we do. And for streaming you probably
won't need two modems, but it is what our needs are. And although we only have
one carrier right now, eventually we'll probably add a second. – Right, they do have single
modems that you can purchase. So if you have a SIM already in a hotspot, you can put it in there
and you can go from there. Most of the plans out there, if you just wanna stream and check email, and maybe FaceTime the
grandkids every now and then, there's a plan out there that you can find that you don't have to get
as beefy a system as we have. – All right, let's tell
them what we like most about this modem and why we chose it. – Okay, but first I
gotta switch pages here. – Oh no, hold on we have to do our notes. Let me show you what it looks like. I'll show you our behind the scenes. Sometimes we are a little scripted. Wait, hold on here's Phil. There you go, all right. So this is a Pepwave, so fill 'em in. Phil, fill 'em in. Philly, Phyllis, Phil.
– Well, well played. You have the Pepwave
MAX Transit Duo Modem. I really like the fact
that here it is right now with six of the seven antennas
that are attached to it. So we have two WiFi, both 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz, that just to let you know
your speed, your range, this, that, and the other. I'm not gonna get too technical with you. And then it has four cellular antennas that you can attach to the modem directly and have it anywhere inside your RV. So as most of you know, newsflash, we have a YouTube channel, so it requires us to have a little bit more download and upload
speeds than most folks. For those of you that need to be hardwired or plugged in to your
internet system, have no fear. There's two LAN ports on the backside, or the front side, of your Pepwave. So they got you covered there. I failed to mention that
this is a CAT12 dual, dual, duo(?), dual, dual! – Doe, do, DOE a deer, a female deer. – This is a, sounds like, I
don't know if I should stand clear. This is a CAT12 dual modem. And what is a CAT12? CAT12 just let's you know
that it's a category of speed. So it's a max of 600 megabytes down and 100 megabytes up. That's what CAT12 does for you. – Yep, now this also can work as a WAN. – And WiFi is WAN, the WAN
stands for wide area network. So it allows you to reach out grab those private, or that private, open WiFi sources, such as an RV park, a McDonald's parking lot, or a Starbucks, bring it into your rig and broadcast it. – Perfect.
– Okay. – Now one good thing about this if you do have dual carriers, this does something called load balancing. And all that does is it helps send the signal to either one of those to make sure the workload
is not too heavy for one while the other one's sitting idle. So it's just a fancy way of deciding which way to send and receive. – Another cool feature is Band 14. And Band 14 is an open net that is most commonly used
for public safety networks. But they've partnered with AT&T to allow Band 14 to be
used on their modem. – Yeah, so it just gives more
options as far as bandwidth. – Right. – All right, and last but
not least for this component, you can hardwire this
directly into your RV, or you can just plug it right in, which is what we're doing because where we're putting
this in the cabinet, which is actually right behind our head, there's an outlet right there. So we'll just do it the easy way. – Yeah, I know you're saying, "You said there's six of
seven antennas attached here and there's one port
that's not been covered." This here is the GPS antenna that you can hook directly to this. And GPS for this modem, or as we speak, it's
kind of like a LoJack. So if you ever misplace your modem or your rig comes up missing, you'll be able to log in and it'll tell you exactly where it is. – All right, so let's move on to the next part of our system. And that is this bad boy right here, which is a fancy antenna. – And I gotta change notes again. – Oh, hold on. All right, we wanna make sure we don't leave anything out for you guys. All of the important parts anyway. – So this here is the
7-in-1 Poynting Antenna. And the seven are the
same seven connections, or same antenna connections, that you have on the modem here. So you have two WiFi, four cellular, and the one GPS port. – I feel like Vanna White right now. – Yes, there you go. – So we don't always need this. As you can see, we have not
mounted it on the roof yet. But we have had to pull
it out a couple of times when our signal was really weak, and this did make a huge
difference in our signal. And all you're gonna do is
take these off the back. You're gonna put this on the roof. Run it down in and you're
gonna connect these instead. – Yeah, and the reason
we haven't attached it to the roof yet is because
I'm a big old chicken, and I haven't drilled a hole in the roof into this cabinet above us so we can run the wiring straight in. Now the antenna does allow you to run the cabling straight in. So if you had a hole in your roof, you could just set it right over the top. Caulk it, Dicor it, whatever
you need to do, seal it off. Or you can run it out the
back of the antenna, like so, and run it to a hole that's
elsewhere or a combiner box, or something else to
bring it into your RV. The other good thing about the connections are they're actually color-coded and labeled for you already. So that's really cool when you're running it through, you know, ports in your roof, or the side of your RV, to run it into your rig. – Yeah, and there's two ways to permanently affix it to your rig. One is this handy-dandy foam, I wanna call it a sticker, but I guess that's not really what it is. – No, it's a peel and stick. So you peel it, stick it on the bottom. Peel the other end, stick it to your roof. And then you would Dicor it or caulk it, whatever you needed to do to protect it, or protect water from
coming into your rig. – Yep, or you can
upgrade and get a magnet. So we know a lot of you guys get lost when it comes to internet. "What do we get? What equipment we need? How do we hook it up?" So we wanted to let you know that in 2021, MobileMustHave is going to have a package that you can purchase for 99 bucks that will remotely set up your equipment after you receive it. – Yeah, 'cause RV WiFi is tricky. So if, you know, we get
asked a ton of questions, "What do you use? How do you use it? What do I need?" And all of that varies, but MobileMustHave has taken the guesswork out of setting up your system. If you wanna do it yourself, they'll send you an email with the instructions and a guide and it'll walk you through it. But for 99 bucks, they make sure that the
firmware is up to date. They help set up your password, your WiFi name. I mean, you name it,
they're there to help you. – Yeah, so that is an option for you if you're nervous about
setting all this up yourself. All right, so next up, if you wanna go check out MobileMustHaves and all their bundles they offer, if you have questions, we do wanna fill you in on a little thing, and that is you can't
call them with questions as far as, "What bundle do I need? What should I do?" Because right now their
phone lines can't handle it. And we're gonna blame
that on Chad and Tara, who a couple of months ago,
they actually have this, is it the exact same system? – Yeah, I think it is
or very similar, yeah. – They actually have a
system from MobileMustHave and they put out a video, and then they were just overrun with calls and their system just couldn't handle it. – Which is a good problem to
have if you're MobileMustHave, it means people are
interested in the product. – Yeah, so how they're
handling that at the moment is they are answering email. It's easier for them to answer email. So if you have a, "What do I need?" Or, "Please explain this bundle to me," if you send them an email, they are answering them pretty quickly. They will get back to you and you can go back and forth and figure out what your needs are. – They also have a chat
window on their website. So you can send them a
message that way as well. And if you do call them, if you're one of those
stubborn guys, like me, that's gonna call anyway, they're recording says, "Leave an email or join the chat."
– "Go to a chat." – So we're gonna help
cut out the middleman. And they do have an AT&T plan, but those plans are subject to change. So when you're looking at maybe purchasing the plan that
they have on their website, read the small print, see if
it's going to work for you. Maybe it'll be overkill. Maybe you don't need that. But make sure, on all of the products that we've listed here, that you go in and you
read the description and make sure that it works for you. And just know that products change, pricing changes, plans change. – Especially, for the internet. We all know next month, everything we have could change and be less data go to limit. It's crazy how it changes every month. – Right, so I mean, just know what you're
getting into upfront. And it's nothing that
we're all not used to, 'cause it does happen day to day. – And just so you know, the
AT&T plan that they offer is probably overkill for
probably 80% of people out there. If you're not working from home, you don't have a YouTube channel, it's probably more expensive and more data than you could ever use. So check it out, and then
compare it with other plans and see what works best for you. I will never say this is
the plan you should have, because everybody's needs are different. So go ahead and check out see how much data you've used over the past few months, and then that way you'll know if this is a…
(phone ringing) Sorry, it's my kiddo. That way you'll know which
plan is best for you. – Yeah, and we don't know
what plans are out there 'cause there's so many to choose from. We just know that the one
we're using works for us. So once we found them,
we stopped searching. – Yeah, so don't ask us what we found, 'cause it's been a good
four or five months, 'cause we've been using this
for a couple months already since Phil has done the research on it. And, you know, like we said, the plans change all the time. So we don't have an
answer to that question. – Yeah, and that, and
"What's the perfect setup?" Our perfect setup is gonna
be different from yours. So we ask you to, you
know, do your research. – So if you have questions though, you can go to MobileMustHave and send them an email and
tell them what you're doing. If you're only streaming and
maybe FaceTiming the grandkids, you know, once a month, they can tell you, you
know, what your needs are. If you're staying in
an RV park in the city, as opposed to somebody who's out in the boondocks all the time, your needs are also gonna be different. – Right.
– So, all right. So we are affiliates with MobileMustHave. So we have our affiliate link down below. If you wanna click that link and check out their offerings, you can see what'll work for you. – Yeah, and you know, the
proof is in the pudding. We've showed you the numbers
that indicate the speeds that we had with our hotspot
compared to the cell modem. And our RV WiFi and RV
internet has just, I mean… – We're so happy now. – Yeah, we can't believe
the speeds we're getting. And we've had some speeds
that are a little lower than what we've shown, but they're a lot higher than what we had with our hotspot. So just keep in mind
that location will vary depending on where you are
in relation to the antenna, what server it reaches out to. So know all of those things upfront. (large metal banging loudly)
– Yeah, there's no such thing as perfect internet, no matter what. I think they're emptying the dumpsters. – I hope so, it sounded like a shotgun. – Like he said, we are very
happy with our internet now. So, hopefully, this helps you guys out. – Yeah. – All right, is that it?
– I guess that's it. We wanted to keep it short and sweet. We just wanted to show you what we have. What's working for us now. And we think after you do your homework, we think that something in this arena will work for you as well.
– Yep. All right, thanks again for watching. And, hopefully, next year COVID is a thing of the past and we can see you on the road.
– On the road. (upbeat music) .


Best of: John Mulaney | Netflix Is A Joke – – Being married's so nice.
I never knew relationships were supposed to make you
feel better about yourself. (audience laughing)
That's not really a joke, that's just a little
sweet thing I like to say. (audience laughing) 'Cause I've been in relationships where I got cheated on, like long ones. I dunno if you've ever
been in a long relationship where you got cheated on, but it changes your whole world view. 'Cause like when I was a kid, I used to watch America's Most Wanted, you know how kids do. (audience laughing) And I would always think to myself, "How could another person kill someone? "How could a human being
kill another human being?" And then I got cheated on, and I was like, "Oh, okay." (audience laughing) "I'm not gonna do it,
but I totally get it." And I don't mean in that way of like, "No one else can have you", like I don't care about that, it's just creepy to have an ex out there after things have ended badly. They have a lot of information. Anyone who's seen my
dick and met my parents needs to die, I can't
have them roaming around. (audience laughing) Strange, the passage of time. (audience laughing) I'm not that old, I'm 35. That is not old, but I am in a new phase right before old, called gross. (audience laughing) I never knew about this,
but I am now gross. I am damp all the time. I am damp now, and I will be damp later. I (laughs), like the back
of a dolphin, my back. I am…
(audience laughing) I am slick. The butt part of my pants
is a little damp a lot, and I don't think it's anything serious, but isn't it, though? (audience laughing)
And, I'll be sitting in a restaurant, and I'll get up, and I'll be like, "What did I sit in?" And it was me. (audience laughing) I'm gross now. I've been talking through burps. (audience laughing) I never used to do this. When I was a kid and I wanted to burp, I'd be like, "Silence!" (mimics loud burping) (audience laughing) Now I'm tryin' to like, push 'em down and muscle through 'em. (audience laughing) I'll be at dinner, just doin'
the bread and the seltzer, fillin' up like a hot air balloon, and then I'm like,
"(mimics burp) Did you say "that you were going
to Italy (mimics burp) (audience laughing) "'Cause we have a travel agent. "She has a travel agent (mimics burp). "Listen, I'm goin' to the kitchen, "does anyone need anything (mimics burp) "for the, (mimics burp)
does anyone need anything?" Just take a pause, John. (audience laughing) I'm gross, I have hair
on my shoulders now. I don't even have a joke for that, that's how much I hate that shit. (audience laughing) I was sittin' up in bed a few
weeks ago, like (groaning). You know, life. (audience laughing)
And my wife was rubbing my shoulders,
which was very nice of her, but then she started singing to herself, "Monkey, monkey, monkey man, (audience laughing) "monkey, monkey, monkey man." Not at me, not to be mean. This was a song from
deep in her subconscious. (audience laughing) I don't even think she was
aware she was singing it, but it was certainly not the
first time she had sung it. (audience laughing) I don't know what my body is for, other than just takin' my
head from room to room. (audience laughing) And it's not getting any better. I'm 35, but I'm still like, "Hey, when am I gonna get big and strong?" (audience laughing) This is it, this is it. It's just gonna be this. I'm like an iPhone, it's gonna be worse
versions of this every year. Plus, I get super hot in the middle of the
afternoon for no reason. (audience laughing) As I get older, it's
tough to not get grumpy. It's tempting, I get
grumpy about some things, like I can't listen to any new songs, 'cause every new song is about
how "tonight is the night", and how "we only have tonight." That is such 19-year-old horseshit. I wanna write songs
for people in their 30s called, "Tonight's No
Good, How About Wednesday?" (audience laughing) Oh, you're in Dallas on Wednesday? Oh, okay, well then let's
just not see each other for eight months, and it
doesn't matter at all. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) The weirdest thing, when I was like a kid, was how much they scared
us about smoking weed. They scared us about it constantly, and I've been on tour this year, marijuana's legal in like 18 or 19 states in some form or another, it's insane. (audience cheering) Yeah, well, all right, don't "woo" if you're white. It's always been legal for us, c'mon, sir. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) We don't go to jail for
marijuana, you silly billy. When I was arrested with a one-hitter at a Rusted Root concert,
I did not serve hard time. (audience laughing) I think I got an award. (audience laughing) 18 or 19 states, and by the way, I agree. It's a very good thing, but it's also a really weird thing, because this is the
first time I've ever seen a law change because the
government is just like, "(sighs) Fine." You know?
(audience laughing) I've never seen it before, like gay marriage and healthcare, we have to battle it
out in the Supreme Court and be like, "Gay people are humans." And they're like, "We'll think about it." (audience laughing)
But with weed, it was just somethin'
we wanted really badly, and we kept askin' them for 40 years, like, "Excuse me…" (audience laughing) And then suddenly, the government
became like cool parents, and they're just like, "Okay, here. "Take a little, (audience laughing) "we'd rather you do it in the house "than go somewhere else,
blah-blah-blah, blah-blah." (audience laughing) (audience clapping) Everything is too fast now,
and totally unreasonable. The world is run by computers. The world's run by robots, and we spend most of our day telling them that we're not a robot just to log on and look at our own stuff. (audience laughing) All day long, "May I see my stuff please?" (audience laughing) (John grumbles) (audience laughing) "I smell a robot. (audience laughing) "Prove, prove, prove." (audience laughing) "Prove to me you're not a robot. "Look at these curvy letters. "Much curvier than most
letters, wouldn't you say? "No robot could ever read these. "You look mortal, if ye be. "You look, and then you
type what you think you see. "Is it an E, or is it a 3? "That's up to ye." (audience laughing) "The passwords have passed,
you've correctly guessed. "But now it's time for the robot test! (audience laughing) "I've devised a question
no robot could ever answer. "Which of these pictures does
not have a stop sign in it?" Fuckin', what?
(audience clapping) You spend most of your day telling a robot that you're not a robot. Think about that for two minutes and tell me you don't
wanna walk into the ocean. (audience laughing) .