Absolutely Adorable Jungle Themed Diaper Cake Palm Tree

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I love making diaper cakes. They are such a great idea for gifting to new parents. This cute jungle themed diaper cake palm tree is such a fun idea! It takes only minutes to make, is a functional gift any new parent would love, and it makes an ideal display for a baby shower centerpiece. You are going to love how cute this is!

Diaper cake by white brick wall

Diaper Cake Palm Tree

Whether this is a new mom present or a baby shower gift, there is nothing cuter than making a diaper cake. This one is jungle themed but also a palm tree, so perfect for any gender baby shower. It is so adorable and surprisingly easy to make, mom is going to be grinning from ear to ear as soon as she sees it.

I love how this is such a fun twist on a classic diaper cake. Whether the parents take it apart to use the items or, my favorite, leave it together as part of decoration for the nursery, it is sure to be one of the best gifts at the baby shower. It also doubles as an excellent baby shower decoration.

Diaper cake in front of wood wall

What Should I Use For the Tree Base?

When I make this, I usually use a wrapping paper roll but a paper towel roll can be used too. You can also use cardboard that is rolled into a cylinder and then taped into place. Even strong or thick paper can also be formed into a roll and then wrapped.

I like to use something larger for the tree base, but you can use something small like an actual twig or stick from your yard, dowels painted or wrapped in brown paper, or similar. You can even buy a toy palm tree and wrap the diapers around the tree. Get creative with it and use what feels right to fit your needs.

Palm tree diaper cake by blue wall

Fun Ways to Decorate This Project

There are so many ways to decorate a diaper cake. This one is smaller than some, so may seem like there isn’t much you can do, but really there are tons of ways to add something unique to yours. Below are a few ideas that I think to work great for this jungle theme.

  • Add additional animals to the base like monkeys, snakes, or colorful birds.
  • Turn it into a beach theme by putting it inside a little kiddie pool or round tub and filing with fake sand, a beach umbrella, and beach toys.
  • Stick baby sunglasses, sandals, or a beach towel on the cake.
  • Wrap green tissue paper around the base instead of burlap to create a “grass” theme. Cut notches into the paper for blades of grass.
  • Add small baby gifts like rattles, pacifiers, washcloths, and similar items along with the stuffed animal.

Palm tree diaper cake in yellow chair

How to Wrap a Diaper Cake

Most of the time I just leave a diaper cake unwrapped and place on the gift table with a card. If using for a part of the decor, it isn’t even needed. Other options include placing inside a large gift bag, using an extra-large cellophane bag, or even putting inside a box and wrapping the box.

Get creative and make it a surprise. You can even wrap the cake inside a smaller box that is wrapped inside of a larger box with other small gifts between each layer. Just use your imagination to create a fun gift to open for your friends.

Woman holding diaper cake

Supplies Needed

How to Make a Jungle Themed Diaper Cake Palm Tree

Wrap a large cardboard tube in brown paper and set aside.

Roll a diaper into a cylinder.

Rolling a diaper

Wrap a rubber band around the diaper to secure, then continue this with a total of 15 diapers (or more depending upon the base used), and set them aside.

Rubber band on diaper

Using a large bowl, pan, or even skillet, place the wrapped cardboard tube off-centered, and begin stacking diapers around it standing tall.

Adding diapers around tree base

Use a rubber band around all of the diapers to secure into the base by the tree.

Adding rubber band around diapers

Remove from the bowl or skillet and then wrap a strip of burlap lace around the center of the diaper base.

Wrapping diapers with burlap lace

Fold the washcloth in half and tuck into the top of the tube.

Woman stuffing washcloth in tube

Add a monkey or other stuffed animal beside the palm tree and secure it with a rubber band.

Adding monkey to diaper cake

Continue decorating with other jungle or tropical themed items and gift or display as desired.

Woman holding diaper cake

More Fun Baby Gift Ideas

Even though my kids are almost grown up now, I am always excited to make and gift something to my friends and family when they are welcoming a new baby to their family. That means I am always coming up with something new to create. I’ve made a Minnie Mouse diaper wreath, a DIY diaper basket baby shower gift, a diaper bathtub baby shower gift, and even a royal diaper cake castle. There are tons of ways to turn diapers into something incredible to gift.

If you are into crocheting or knitting, you might like this list of crochet baby items and gift ideas. Of course, I also love this list of baby sewing patterns that make great gifts. These are great projects that are easy to make and readily fit into your budget and time available.

Crafting Tip

Pick up other jungle themed or palm tree themed items to add to the diaper cake that will fit the baby theme. There are palm tree cake toppers and even tropical centerpiece washcloth palm trees you can find that fit this easily.

Yield: 1

Jungle Themed Diaper Cake Palm Tree

Palm tree diaper cake by blue wall

This easy and cute jungle themed diaper cake palm tree is the perfect baby shower gift you can make in a matter of moments!

Active Time
20 minutes
Total Time
20 minutes
Estimated Cost


  1. Wrap a cardboard tube with brown or wood colored wrapping paper or shelf liner and set aside;
  2. Roll 15 diapers into cylinders securing each with a rubber band around the middle;
  3. Using a large bowl as a base, add the wrapped cardboard tube off center than start surrounding it with diapers; Adding diapers around tree base
  4. Secure the diapers with a rubber band around the entire set of diapers;
  5. Wrap burlap lace around the center of the diapers and glue to secure; Wrapping diapers with burlap lace
  6. Fold a washcloth in half, and stuff inside the top of the cardboard tube;
  7. Attach a stuffed animal against the tree using a rubber band to hold in place; Adding monkey to diaper cake
  8. Continue decorating if desired. Woman holding diaper cake


Make this cake multiple tiers or larger if you prefer!

Finished Project Gallery

Diaper cake by white brick wall

Diaper cake in front of wood wall

Palm tree diaper cake by blue wall

Diaper cake on white table

Jungle palm tree diaper cake on wood table