This fun little homemade rope purse is the perfect statement piece for any crafter to create. Beautiful, and stylish, this purse offers style and function in one little package. You will be surprised by how easy this

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own Square Knot Bracelet to use as a friendship bracelet? This simple tutorial breaks down the steps of weaving the cord back and forth and knotting in

Isn’t this Denim Bag Tutorial awesome?!  I love making upcycled jeans crafts, and this is a perfect way to use up blue jeans that otherwise would go in the trash or to the thrift store.  This is

Lately, I’ve gotten some new items in my wardrobe, and they’re in colors which don’t match my existing handbags. At first, I was just going to order something online, but then I realized this would be a

I was looking for a way to embellish another project I was working on, and I got to thinking that to celebrate summer, maybe I’d add some cute flowers—but where was I going to get them? And