40+ Cozy Rustic Decor Ideas for a Bedroom Oasis

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Next to the kitchen, the bedroom is the most inviting part of your home. Using these cozy and rustic decor ideas, you can easily create a rustic bedroom oasis that will welcome you with comfort every day. Follow simple bedroom makeover ideas or create your own rustic additions using these great tutorials!

Rustic bedroom decor collage

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Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

My goal when renovating a room is to make it a place I want to be. Rustic styles are comforting, welcoming, and so easy to customize. These bedroom makeovers and styles are great for helping you to build a place in your home that you want to spend more time. It’s a beautiful way to add classic styles in a modern space.

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Hang a Fringed Book Page Wreath

Old book wreath

You can easily create your own rustic addition by grabbing a few old books and turning them into this rustic wreath. Hang it on the wall with different ribbons in colors that match the rest of your decor.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Add Rustic Vases on Tables and Shelves

Old book vase

This old book page vase is a fun rustic addition you can easily make and add to space. Of course, there are a number of vases you can also add to space, but I love knowing you can make your own. Add in a few dried flowers or paper flowers to make them look even more appealing.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Twine Covered Vase in Metal Wall Shelf

Rustic vase in wire shelf

What a cute addition! The twine covered vase is definitely rustic in style and adding it into a little dark metal wall shelf helps bring the look together. It’s ideal for any style but definitely fits the rustic feeling you are looking for in your bedroom.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Weathered Wardrobe with Rustic Floral Accessories

Weathered armoire

A corner of your bedroom should contain a way to store clothing. This white weathered wardrobe is the perfect addition to your bedroom. A few dried flowers and a dark brown basket with a small lantern turn this space into the ideal rustic oasis.

Update with Vintage Floral Bedding and Accents

This bedroom makeover used existing furniture and a few accent pieces to bring a new look together. She added floral accents, some unique quotes, and wall sconces around the room along with lots of wood pieces. I love how she combined favorite rustic elements and her own already owned items to create a fresh new look in the space.

Combine Wood and Natural Animal Elements

Wood wall with antlers above bed

If you are a sportsman, you may already have things like antlers or furs on hand. Adding them to your bedroom along with natural wood elements and comforting bedding helps create a lovely rustic style. Corrugated metal ceiling and dangling fixtures bring this look together beautifully.

Source: Decoholic

Decorate with Weathered Doors and Windows

Weathered white bedroom furniture

This space is beautifully decorated with not just a monochrome of shades of white but weathered elements. The shutters against one wall are great behind a wooden table. The window propped on the bedside table brings the look together wonderfully.

Source: Faded Charm Cottage

Rustic Wooden Cross Wall Hanging

Rustic wooden cross wall art

Sometimes simple conveys the message. This rustic handcrafted wooden cross wall art is an ideal addition to any bedroom. It brings the rustic look to a space without adding a lot of bulky accessories.

Source: Etsy

Weathered Vintage Dresser with Ornate Mirror

Grey weathered dresser

This traditional dresser with all of the ornate touches is absolutely beautiful. Done in a weathered paint that shows a bit of the natural wood alongside unique drawer pulls and a few accents on top it is a beautiful addition to a vintage bedroom.

Source: Dear Lillie Blog

Farmhouse Style Corner Bookshelf

Raw wood corner shelf

This rustic little shelf is a great addition to any bedroom. Whether you keep it in stained wood tones, paint it and add a weathered look, or even leave totally natural, this is a great look to fit your bedroom style. This is perfect for a corner bedside table, or a little shelf to hold books, games, puzzles, or decor.

Source: Etsy

Rustic Wooden Headboard with Edison Lights

Edison lights on headboard

I love how wooden headboards have made a comeback. This space shows how simple this look is but how it works to pull the room together for that truly rustic vibe you are looking for in your home. Edison lights are perfect for a more natural glow around the headboard.

Stacked Wooden Crates Shelving

Wood crate shelf

Vintage wooden crates make the perfect shelving for a bedroom. Stack them loosely or connect together to make sturdy. These are great for storing books, linens, or adding a few knick-knacks to suit the overall look of the space.

Source: Krea DIY

Style in All Grey Tones

Grey rustic bedroom decor

There is something I love about monochrome. A rustic style is ideal with natural colors, but I absolutely love how this layout turned out in all grey tones. The bedding, accents, tables, and rugs all-match various shades of the grey of the natural wood walls.

Source: KK

Mix Modern and Vintage to Build Your Own Style

One thing I love about rustic styles is that you can so easily mix in modern items, updated versions of rustic styles, and items you have gathered through the years to build your own style. This bedroom makeover showcases all of the above and creating a beautiful welcoming space.

Add a Live Edge Wood Dresser

Reclaimed wood dresser

This dresser is absolutely stunning and really adds the simple rustic style to the space that you are after. With not just a reclaimed wood addition, but also the live edge of the wood, it is absolutely stunning. I find this to be a perfect focal piece for any space.

Source: Etsy

Colors of Nature with Wood Crates and Hanging Branches

Branches hanging above the bed

It’s easy to turn your bedroom into a relaxing rustic space when you add a few natural elements. This room showcases a comforting blend of natural colors and themes. The real branches hanging above the bed add that outside element, and the pillows match perfectly with their wood piece theme. A few crates stacked together by the bed add extra storage while keeping that natural wood element alive.

Add a Dark Stained Wood Crate Nightstand

Stained wood creat end table

This nightstand is a lovely combination of three wooden crates that have been stained and stacked together slightly off-center. They fit perfectly into any space and have that natural rustic look you desire.

Source: Jacquelyn Clark

Add Simple Vintage Lantern in a White Room

Electric lantern by white bed

The white bedroom and bedding are simple, but these cute electric lanterns bring the rustic style you love to space. Sometimes, you don’t need to add a lot to a room to really include style. This addition is both functional and stylish.

Source: Etsy

Create a Reclaimed Wood Wall Behind Your Bed

Wood bedroom wall with recessed lighting

One fun idea is to use reclaimed wood in various shades and lengths to create a wall behind your bed. Instead of a traditional headboard, turn one whole wall in the bedroom into the headboard. I love this particular style with offset space and recessed lighting.

Neutral Colors and Various Fibers Against Raw Wood

White canopy

This bedroom is a lovely combination of light neutral colors, textures, and fibers. A variety of cream, grey, brown, and white combine in throws, pillows, and accessories. Using a combination of fringe, bobbles, furs, and textures makes ordinary colors pop against the bed. The raw wood bedside drawers and headboard complete the rustic feel.

Use All of the Shiplap

One thing that is common with both rustic and farmhouse styled homes and bedrooms is shiplap. This makeover is a beautiful modern rustic style that showcases shiplap and vintage pieces. It’s easy to renovate a room with a bit of this white paneling to create a space that is inviting.

Add Reclaimed Wood Shelves with Industrial Accents

Wood shelf with succulents

Lovely addition to any bedroom is to add a few of these beautiful reclaimed wood shelves. The industrial pipe accents are a take on rustic and steampunk styles but easily fit into your bedroom decor for a unique look that is also functional.

Source: Etsy

Grey and White with Natural Elements

White and black bedding

This space is a nice combination of multiple natural elements. A raw wood nightstand is useful to hold a nice metal lantern and set of candlesticks. The headboard is a wood choice that matches the paint nicely while still being rustic. A branch with animal head and antlers create an above bed showpiece. Add white and black elements to the bed to keep the hanging Edison light fitting for space.

Source: Draumesider

Dark Wood Against Bright White Bedding

Dark wood bed frame and white rugs

Since this space already has lovely wood paneling and a nice deep hardwood floor, it is naturally rustic in feel. The addition of a hardwood bed frame pulls the look together, but the bright white fluffy bedding and large fake fur rugs make the space inviting.

Give it to God and Go to Sleep Sign

Give it to God sign

Hang this gorgeous sign above your bed to add to the rustic look in your bedroom. While this is a simple above bed sign, the basic lettering and black and white style is a gorgeous addition to any bedroom and easily adds to the style you love.

Source: Etsy

Stone Wall Bedroom

Rock wall behind bed

This space is absolutely breathtaking. A stone wall with three windows is the perfect background for a simple bedroom layout. The velvet headboard and bed frame coupled with soft fluffy white linens and a fluffy grey throw come together beautifully in this space.

Barn Door Wood Nightstand

Barn door night stand

This is such a cute idea! The nightstand uses that light stain that is common with rustic looks, but the barn door style cabinet door is a perfect rustic addition. I like how they added baskets on the shelves, but you could leave them open if you prefer.

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Use Wood Flooring to Create a Rustic Wood Wall

I absolutely love this little DIY video. She used rustic wood flooring on her wall to create a unique wood wall feature. This is ideal for small spaces or for those with limited DIY abilities.

Wood Burning Fire Place

Wood burning fireplace

If you want to take an ordinary space and make it rustic and inviting, nothing works better than an old fashioned wood burning stove. This small black stove has the rustic appeal you want while also being a great functional way to heat the space.

Vintage Metal Wall Sconce Lanterns

Rustic lantern sconce

These little lanterns are a great way to add a romantic glow to your bedroom. They easily hold your favorite votive candle so add not just a nice light but a lovely scent depending upon the candle chosen.

Source: Etsy

Farmhouse Style Hexagon Floating Shelves

Hexagon shelves

These floating shelves are so simple but beautiful. The stain is ideal for the farmhouse and rustic style you are looking for in your bedroom. You can use one or multiples and add your own pictures, potted plants, a few succulents, or accent pieces to bring the room together.

Source: Etsy

Stacked Vintage Suitcases with Lanterns

Stacked luggage with lantern

If your bedroom has a fireplace, a basket of wood is a natural addition, but I love this little setup that includes vintage suitcases. Stacked together they are a perfect place to put an old lantern.

Add Weathered Tables Against Brick Walls

Whiet weathered table with lamp

Weathered tables or shelves are a perfect choice against any brick wall in your home, but especially in a rustic bedroom oasis. Adding a few wooden planters with some bright greenery really pulls the look together easily.

Source: Etsy

Wood Framed Fabric Headboard

Reclaimed wood headboard

This vintage styled room features a reclaimed wood headboard that has fabric inlay. I love how such a simple addition to a headboard can totally revamp the entire space.

Use Old Doors for a Headboard

Bard door bed frame

Old doors or barn doors make for a wonderful DIY headboard. This example shows how they can be weathered or stained to match the rest of your decor or furniture easily. I love how they look mounted to the wall, but you can also build them around a bed frame if desired.

Source: Little Yellow Wheel Barrow

Mason Jar Wall Sconce Planters

Mason jar wall sconces

A few wood wall sconces with simply painted mason jars add a fun element to space. Plant a few vines or flowers inside the jars to create a great element of nature in a simple space.

Source: Etsy

Setup the Bed on an Elevated Wood Frame

Reclaimed wood bed frame

This room is wood lined with paneling and ceiling using a variety of reclaimed wood slats. The real beauty, however, comes in the elevated bed frame using reclaimed wood pieces. Wide thick boards are a perfect bed frame to elevate a bed alongside floating wood shelving and rustic elements.

Add a Sliding Barn Door to the Bedroom

Sliding barn door bedroom door

Replace your bedroom door with this fun DIY barn door to create a super easy and inexpensive rustic look to space. I love how easy this tutorial is to follow.

Source: The Decor Formula

Reclaimed Wood Mounted TV Backsplash

TV on reclaimed wood mount

This look is a great choice for any space that you want a vintage feel but also a bit of a modern twist. The simple wood and metal shelf house a succulent, hexagon globe and a few vintage suitcases below a mounted TV. The TV may be modern, but the reclaimed wood slats it is mounted to are a perfectly rustic look for the room.

Build a Farmhouse Style Nightstand

White end table

You can easily build your own little rustic farmhouse style nightstand using this simple tutorial. I love that this maintains the classic clean lines with a white base and a stained wood top. It goes perfectly in any rustic styled bedroom.

Source: Handmade Haven

Rustic Farmhouse Beam Lights

Rustic lighting fixtures

These lovely wood base and metal fixture lights are a great addition to any room. If you are looking for small rustic elements to add to your bedroom, this is a great place to begin!

Source: Etsy

Build a Rustic Door Shelf

Teal door corner shelf

This corner shelf is so pretty! I love how they chose a bright teal color and added the shelves at various heights. You can create one using an old door, old shutters, or even reclaimed wood. 

Source: Craftaholics Anonymous