26 Gorgeous Pink Flowering Shrubs for Your Garden

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If you’re trying to add interest and appeal to your landscape, one of the best ways to do so is by growing flowering shrubs.

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After all, these low-maintenance plants require very little care, especially when you select cultivars that work well with your soil and sunlight conditions (as well as the temperatures in your region).

For lasting color, there’s no better bloom than a pink bloom. Growing shrubs with pink flowers is a surefire way to draw attention to your landscape! Here are some of the best pink shrubs you can grow – regardless of where you live.

26 Best Pink Shrubs You Can Grow

1. Daphne


Daphne is first on our list of the most beautiful pink shrubs, and for good reason. This gorgeous flowering shrub is a bush that produces large, fragrant flowers with intense pink color. Also known as the garland lower, this plant can be found in multiple sweet-smelling cultivars.

2. Elderberry


There are several cultivars of elderberry, including ‘Black Lace’ and ‘Black Beauty,’ that push out lovely pink flowers. These produce anytime between the early spring and mid-summer, giving a nice contrast with the dark leaves of the plant. It can be grown as a shrub or as a smaller perennial. It also produces berries that can be harvested and used to make wine or jam in the fall.

3. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea can be grown both as a vine and as a shrub. Besides producing lovely flower sin shades of magenta, pink, and other colors, it also has variegated leaves that look beautiful after the flowers have died back. It grows best in zones 9 to 11.

4. Deutzia

There are several cultivars of deutzia, including ‘Yuki Cherry Blossom,’ that produce lovely pink flowers. This carpet-style plant produces a well-mounded growth habit along with lovely fall foliage. It only grows to about 2’ tall.

5. Azalea


Azaleas are incredibly common in warmer growing zones (typically zones 7 to 9). You’ll find this plant growing in full sun to partial shade. There are all kinds of different-colored cultivars you can choose from – for vivid pink color, ‘Gumpo Pink’ is your best bet.

6. Sandcherry


Also known as a Cistena Cherry, this flowering shrub produces beautiful pink cherry blossoms in the spring. It can grow up to 10 feet tall, leading many people to regard it as more of a small tree. It needs good drainage but can tolerate poor urban conditions with ease.

7. Hydrangea


There are all kinds of hydrangeas you can grow, with each prized for the visual interest and beauty it provides throughout most of the summer months. The most popular types are those that bear pink flowers, but you’ll also find white, blue, and even purple hydrangeas, too. Two cultivars to consider for endless pink blooms include ‘Invincibelle Spirit’ and ‘Pink Elf.’

8. Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon is another shrub that produces gorgeous pink blooms. It grows quite large – up to 6 feet wide, in fact! – and can be grown in zones 5 to 9.

9. Bottlebrush

BottlebrushThe first time you look upon a bottlebrush plant, you’ll understand exactly how it got its name. This unique pink shrub looks just like the brush you might use to clean out bottles!

A drought-tolerant shrub, it grows best in full sun and reaches heights of 10 to 12 feet with ease. You can only grow it in zones 9 to 10, but rest assured, you’ll appreciate its unique appearance and lasting beauty.

10. Chinese Fringe Flower

Chinese Fringe Flower
Like the bottlebrush shrub, the Chinese fringe flower shrub has flowers that are not only bright pink but also quite interesting in their shape and style. You’ll find multiple strap-like petals that grow on a plant up to 12 feet tall. It’s best grown in warmer zones, such as zone 7 to 10.

11. Pink Roses

Pink Roses
There are many kinds of pink roses you can grow. Some of the best rose bush cultivars to consider for pink blooms include Rosa rugosa, ‘Oso Happy Smoothie,’ and ‘Pink Supreme Flower Carpet.’

12. Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

As with many of the other plants on this list, there are multiple types of butterfly bush that you can grow. Many of these are pink, although some have a bit of lavender mixed in, too. All are best grown in full sun, ideally in zones 5 to 9. Some of the best cultivars to consider for blush blooms include ‘Pink Micro Chip,’ ‘InSpired Pink,’ and ‘Pink Delight.’

13. Quince


Quince is a low-maintenance shrub that produces early spring color in vibrant shades, including pink. If you plan on growing this shrub in a warmer growing zone, pick a location with plenty of afternoon shade – it will help the blossoms last a bit longer. For the best pink colors, go with the cultivar ‘Double Take Pink Storm.’

14. Lilac

You might typically think of lilac bushes only being in shades of purple, but the reality is that lilacs can be found in other colors, too – like white and even pink! This shrub is best cultivated in zones 3 to 9, ideally in full sun. The best cultivars to consider include
‘Maiden’s Blush,’ ‘Adelaide Dunbar,’ and ‘Lucie Baltet.’

15. Abelia


Abelia produces gorgeous clusters of pink flowers (you can also find cultivars that bloom in purple or peach) that bloom in late spring. The plant produces a spicy-sweet fragrance and remains colorful in its foliar display all through the fall. It grows best in zones 4 to 9.

16. Spirea


Not all spirea plants are pink, but if pink blooms are what you’re after, you should consider the three main cultivars of Spiraea japonica: ‘Gold Mound,’ ‘Neon Flash,’ and ‘Goldflame.’

17. Japanese Andromeda

Japanese andromeda

This pink shrub grows best in zones 5 to 8. Also called lily of the valley, this broad-leaved evergreen shrub quickly grows to more than ten feet tall (although there are numerous cultivars that are much smaller). When your flower clusters open, you’ll be rewarded to pendulous chains of pink bell-shaped flowers.

18. Rhododendron


Even rhododendrons offer classic pink booms! One to consider is ‘Pink Walloper.’ This plant grows best in zones 6 to 8, ideally in full sun to partial shade. It has large leaves and even bigger flowers.

19. Cotoneaster


Choose the ‘Tom Thumb’ cultivar for the most gorgeous pink blossoms -but otherwise, know that this shrub will give you everything you could ever possibly want. It produces semi-evergreen foliage that can brighten a winter landscape along with small pink flowers. It grows up to two feet tall.

20. Weigela


Weigela is a beautiful shrub that offers interest from early spring all the way through to fall. It grows best in zones 3 to 9 and can be planted in borders and flower beds alike. It’s compact and produces lovely burgundy colors in the fall. For the brightest pink blooms, select
the ‘Fine Wine’ cultivar.

21. Viburnum

Viburnum is a beautiful, versatile shrub that is incredibly easy to grow. It produces colorful fruits and dynamic foliage – along with pink flowers, of course. This ornamental shrub grows best in zones 2 to 9.

22. Forsythia

ForsythiaForsythia is another plant that grows well in zones 3 to 9. It often foretells the coming of warm weather, once of the first plants to bloom in the spring.

23. Nanking Cherry

Nanking Cherry
A hardy, fast-growing shrub, Nanking cherry products fragrant white flowers in the print – but you can easily find cultivars with pink flowers as well. The plant produces small fruits, too, that attract songbirds and pollinators.

24. Camellia


Camellia is one of the most beautiful warm-weather plants you can grow. As an added bonus, it also produces pink flowers! However, pink isn’t your only option if you decide you want to grow this shrub. It also can be found in colors such as white, orange, red, and yellow. The flowers last long into winter and sometimes even early spring.

25. Summersweet

Summersweet blooms best in shady spots, making it one of the best pink shrubs to grow if you want pink color in a shade garden. There are multiple cultivars, like ‘Ruby Spice,’ with extra-long growing seasons, too. This plant can grow up to five feet tall!

26. Oleander


A subtropical shrub, oleander offers summertime color in all kinds of shades, including yellow, white, purple, and of course, pink. The flower is easy to grow and can even be found growing along the sides of highways! You just need plenty of warm weather (oleander grows best in zones 10-11) and well-draining soil.

Why Pink Shrubs Are the Way To Go

If you want to grow hardy, low-maintenance garden, you need to grow a few of the pink shrubs mentioned on this list. If you choose options that are native to your USDA growing zones, you’ll be rewarded with perennial blossoms that come back year after year – with minimal work and hassle on your part.

Adding a few pink shrubs to your gardening plan is a great way to dot your landscape with color. Plus, you’ll add undying enjoyment to your day. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back with a glass of iced tea and admiring the beauty of your blush pink blossoms!