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Which model shows the correct factorization of x2 + 2x – 8? An algebra tile configuration. 5 tiles are in the Factor 1 spot: 1 is

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Which model shows the correct factorization of x2 + 2x – 8? An algebra tile configuration. 5 tiles are in the Factor 1 spot: 1 is

To factor x^2 + 2x – 8 follow these steps

1) Write to factors, with x as the first term, this way:

(x      )(x      )

2) The sign to the right of the x in the first factor is the same sign of the coeficient of x in the polynomial.

That is +.

The sign to the right of the x of the second factor is the product of the sign of the coefficent of x (this is +) and the sign of the independent term (this is – ).

So that is (+).(-) + -.

Now the two factors have this form:

(x +  ) (x  –  )

3) Now find two numbers whose product is – 8 and whose difference is +2

Those numbers are + 4 and -2.

Then the two factors are:

(x + 4) (x –  2).

So the answer if that the correct factorization is (x + 4) (x – 2)

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Matrix Multiplication Calculator – Here you can perform matrix multiplication with complex numbers online for free. After calculation you can multiply the result by another matrix right there!Factorising quadratic equations, mathematics GCSE revision showing you how to factorise including: sample questions and videos. The first step of factorising an expression is to 'take out' any common factors which the terms have. So if you were asked to factorise x² + x, since x goes into both terms…c. Show the correct factorization of $8x^2 + 4x$. For example $x=2$ gives two different results, so the factorised expression is wrong. (b) Correct. (c) You can pull out another $x$ to get $$4(2x^2 + x) = 4x(2x + 1)$$ Which is the fully factorised form.

Factorising – Mathematics GCSE Revision – Error-Correcting Factorization. 02/27/2015 ∙ by Miguel Angel Bautista, et al. ∙ Carnegie Mellon Error Correcting Output Codes (ECOC) is a successful technique in multi-class classification, which is a core Experimental results in several databases show that when allocating the error-correction to…Sal analyzes two different factorizations of 24x^5 and determines whether they are correct.Will GIVE BRAINLIEST TO CORRECT ANSWER Find the measure of 23 if m 1= 23º. Please I need the answer asap!!! Draw the image of ABC under a dilation whose center is P and scale factor is 1/3.

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Methods for verifying correct factorisation of polynomials – You made 2 out of 3 correct! Keep going. Check the graph below to see how your brain recaped this concept over the days. 9.8Factorization of Quadratic Expressions. Difficulty Level: At Grade | Created by: CK-12. 6=1⋅66=2⋅3andand1+6=72+3=5This is the correct choice.Factorise x^2+1/x^2+2-2x-2/x . Factorise x^3-1/x^3-2x+2/x . Factorisation of polynomials. Class 9 maths. Polynomials class 9 maths important questions with…In mathematics, factorization is basically the decomposition of an object like number or polynomials into a product of smaller, simpler objects. An important subset is Integer Factorization, or further, Prime Factorization.

Which model shows the correct factorization of x2 + 2x - 8 ...
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Which model shows the correct factorization of x^2 + 2x ...